Kids are natural movers from the time they first sit up, roll over, crawl, and take their first steps. They express happiness by jumping up and down or clapping their hands, and anger by stomping around. They hop, jump, skip, run, and spin around because it makes them feel good.

Why not nurture this innate desire for movement by enrolling your child in dance?

Dance classes have many wonderful benefits for your child, including:


  • Physical: Dance involves coordination, strength, endurance, and a large range of motion. Children in dance classes have been known to have better balance, improved agility, and better posture than their non-dancing peers. Dance utilizes the entire body and helps instill in your child a lifelong attitude about staying active and healthy.
  • Cultural: Dance is one of humanity’s oldest and best known forms of expressions. Your child will learn everything from French terms in ballet, to the roots of African dance and how it influences hip-hop dance. Along with learning the basic moves, they learn the history behind the moves and the great dancers throughout centuries who have influenced dance as we know it today.
  • Social: Dance is taught in a group setting, encouraging teamwork, cooperation, creativity, communication, and interaction. It helps kids to develop important social skills, as well as important life skills like discipline and determination. Dance competitions and recitals encourage children to be self-confident and comfortable in the spotlight. Not to mention it’s also a great way for your child to meet new friends with similar interests!



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