Black-Friday-Survival-GuideAs grocery stores are re-stocking their shelves from the Thanksgiving rush, retailers across North Delaware are preparing for Black Friday – a day for huge savings if you plan correctly.   Black Friday has morphed into “National Deal Week”,  the seven day period around Thanksgiving, according to the staffers at  Some stores are open on Thanksgiving Day or at midnight and that discounts usually run through the weekend. Black Friday rookies: review these helpful hints to surviving the day/week before you head out to the Concord or Christiana Malls or any other area retailer:

  • Research the deals. Look through all your emails for e-newsletters from your favorite retailers, go to their Facebook page, and check their websites for the latest promotions. Print out any special deals you find and bring them with you shopping on Black Friday.    Some stores, like Target and Walmart, offer price matching if you bring in their competitors promotions as proof.
  • Make a detailed list.  List each person you need to shop for, along with a few gift ideas for each person. Black Friday is not the time to browse for present ideas. Know what you want – and have multiple backup options – before you step foot in any store.
  • Set a budget. Don’t let the excitement of Black Friday sales sway you into spending more than you can afford. Set a budget and stick to it. The point of Black Friday is to wrack in the savings, but the discounts often lead shoppers to overspend.
  • Compare prices. Although Black Friday is historically associated with the best prices, you may be able to find lower prices online.  Download the Google Shopper app for an easy way to compare prices online.  Use online outlets like Amazon as a gauge on the going prices.
  • Shop Cyber Monday. If you can’t bring yourself to spend hours battling crowds in stores, and don’t have the gumption to camp outside Thanksgiving night, Black Friday isn’t for you. Cyber Monday boasts serious online discounts and promotions while shopping from the comfort of your own home.

Sale-Black-FridayWhat’s on Sale?

Today’s paper is chock full of unbelievable steals and deals.  Keep in mind, if it seems to good to be true, you should investigate a little further.  Remember,  “Black Friday is about cheap stuff at cheap prices” says Daniel de Grandpre,  editor-in-chief and CEO of

Door Busters or Bust!

Are you a big fan of the  “Door Busters”  idea-get in at the crack of down and get your stuff at ridiculous prices.  We know lots of people who wait in line for that “must have” item.  Hot Deals on TV’s and other high-end electronics, like Tablets draw in the crowd- then they hope to keep you there!  Keep in mind that TV’s may be off-brand or of lesser quality.  As far as tablets are concerned definitely shop around…best deals are usually found online!  Toys are stocked, but you may find a better deal on them after Cyber Monday.   As far as clothing is concerned, the deals seem to be pretty consistent throughout the Holiday.

black fridayOur top picks for the stores with the best deals:

  1. TARGET- Unbelievable deals on all things APPLE ($50-$100 Gift Cards with Purchase, $5 Jammies for the Family and 50″ TV for $229
  2. Best Buy- Great deals on the iPad 2 and FREE Galaxy S4 phone (with 2-year activation)
  3. OLD NAVY- 50% off of Everything
  4. Walgreens- 50% off a wide selection of Toys
  5. JCPenny- $19.99 for 30 styles of boots, plus tons of great deals on coats and clothes
  6. Walmart- $98 32″ HGTV
  7. MACY’s- $10 off a purchase of $25 or more; $39.99 Cashmere Sweaters, Buy 1 Get 1 on American Rag, $19.99 Rampage Boots and so on…
  8. Sears- $799 for Front Load Washer and Dryer Set

Tell us what specials deals you find and we’ll be happy to share!