Living with Little One’s- Back to School

I learned this summer that my family is now completely dependent on school for structure. I started the summer with scheduled enrichment's; summer camps, vacations and bible school. But all of that has wrapped up and I have had weeks with nothing scheduled. It was relaxing and amazing, for about two days. We have all [...]

Craft Beer Scene: August 24 – 30

And lo, the rains fell and the oppressive humidity broke for a few glorious days.  Don't sit inside when the weather's this nice... Get outside and enjoy nature, sunshine, and beer! and Delaware Hop Scene can help you on your path to Nirvana.  Enjoy some of these cool hop-centric activities we've compiled for you [...]

What’s Happening this Weekend- Aug 19-21

Can you believe we only have a few weeks left before the kiddos go back to school...heck some kids start next week! Make sure you pack in the fun this weekend. Check out our top event picks for the weekend: Friday, August 19- Sunday, August 21. From Festivals to Fundraisers and from Tribute Shows to [...]

Craft Beer Scene: August 17 – 23

The heat is on!  Boy, is it on... We're all in need of a cool-down and who else but and Delaware Hop Scene can give it to you?  Nobody, that's who!  Enjoy some of these cool beer-centric summer activities we've compiled for you this week!  Check out what frothy, refreshing things are going on from Wednesday, August 17th through Tuesday, [...]

What’s Happening this Weekend- Aug. 12-14

Are you ready for the heat wave? It's a good thing we have some cool events this weekend to keep you happy! Check out our top event picks for the weekend: Friday, August 12- Sunday, August 14.  From the Chinese Festival to Family Fun Day and from Delaware on Tap to Cirque Italia, there's plenty [...]

Craft Beer Scene: August 10 – 16 and Delaware Hop Scene have summer plans to keep you informed of the best beer events in the area!  Enjoy some of these hoppy summer activities we've compiled for you!  Check out what cheery, beer-y things are going on from Wednesday, August 10th through Tuesday, August 16th.  As always, feel free to peruse the full sortable calendar of craft [...]

What’s Happening this Weekend- August 5-7

It's weekends like that this that make you want to twirl in park, makes wishes while having a picnic and enjoying the sunshine. Aside from that, there's a great many things to do this weekend, inside and out. Check out our top event picks for the weekend: Friday, August 5- Sunday, August 7. From the [...]

Craft Beer Scene: August 3 – 9

The last month of summer has arrived...welcome August!  Delaware Hop Scene and have plans to keep this summer everlasting!  Stay in the season and enjoy some of these beer-y events we've compiled for you!  Check out what hoppy happenings are going on from Wednesday, August 3rd through Tuesday, August 9th.  As always, feel free to peruse the full sortable calendar of [...]

What’s Happening this Weekend? – July 29-31

Rain, Rain go away...come back after the weekend! There's a lot of cool happenings this weekend- mostly outdoors- so, Mother Nature, please hear or plea! Check out our top event picks for the weekend: Friday, July 29 - Sunday, July 31. From the Monkey Rodeo to the Dog Days of Summer and from Dancing in [...]

Craft Beer Scene: July 27 – August 2

The Beastie Boys rapped "The sun is beatin' down on my baseball hat / The air is gettin' hot, the beer is gettin' flat" in the classic song Paul Revere.  Yep, it's hot alright...Africa hot!  But please don't let your beer get warm! and Delaware Hop Scene know some ways to keep your brewskis cold [...]