Elton John & Billy Joel, now that’s one concert I wish I went to see!  I’m not a big concert goer, but seeing those two legends on stage together would’ve been an amazing experience.  I haven’t heard any rumors of another tour so it looks like I’ll have to settle for the EltonJohn/Billy Joel Dueling Piano Wine Dinner @ Caffé Gelato on February 26th.  Elton John and Billy Joel won’t be there, but their substitutes will be entertaining and the food and wine are sure to please.

Did you know the term “Dueling Piano’s” dates all the way back to the 1890s?  That’s when ragtime piano players would actually “duel” in an effort to see who could play better and faster.   In 1933 the famous Pat O’Brien’s Bar and Restaurant in New Orleans opened their doors with a separate room dedicated to the Dueling Piano players. They would perform to a crowd using copper-topped baby grand pianos & take turns singing songs requested by the audience.  Requests were typically written on cocktail napkins & the larger the tip the more likely your song would be played without delay.

The concept changed a bit in 1986 when players from a Piano Bar in Dallas started performing more rock and roll music and began adding funny bits involving lyrical substitutions.  I’m sure a few song come to mind like; “Sweet Caroline”, “White Wedding”, “Benny and the Jets’, etc…Winning the “duel” was no longer the objective of the players the new goal was getting the audience to participate by singing and clapping creating what is now called a “Sing Along”.

I love Wikipedia!  That’s where I go to get all my fun facts

 I have booked and watched many dueling piano shows and have to say it never gets old.  Every show is different because, every crowd is different.  It’s more like a “Musical Improv”.  I’m looking forward to the event because I haven’t seen a dueling piano show since the Kahuna closed.  Keep in mind that it’s not only a show, but a 5 course meal including wine too.  Definitely plan to get your tickets in advance for this “one night only” show. Makes a great Valentine’s day gift too.