On the Boardwalk in Rehoboth Beach What I’m Thankful For This Year…

MOM & DAD, This One’s for YOU!

By: Carrie Sawyer Casey 

During the holidays, my Dad usually brings up Thanksgiving twenty or so years ago when I was a  moody teenager.  I refused to take part in my Mom’s tradition of going around the table and stating to adoring relatives, what we were thankful for that year.  I won’t go into the gory details but lets just say, my parents were “thankful” I spent the remainder of the evening in my bedroom.

That memory is in my head after being asked to write about what I am thankful for this year. To not sound cliche, now in my earlySummer Night in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware 40’s, I am thankful for everything in my life. I am thankful for my husband who is a wonderfully present father, my three unbelievably beautiful children, my best friends who are my mom and dad and my loving in-laws who have all helped raise my children to be compassionate and intelligent human beings. I am thankful for my brothers who are now loving fathers, my beloved nieces and nephew and for the three beautiful and strong sisters I have gained through marriage.Pre-Wedding Picture with "the Girls"

I am thankful for friends, the job I love, my running partners, my home, my health and for the experiences that have led me to this place. If I had to be thankful for only one thing, it would be the chance to express my thanks to all who are dear to me and to take a moment to realize how thankful I am for so much.


Carrie Casey is a proud native Delawarean who grew up in New Castle and Wilmington. Carrie is always on the go & doesn’t skip a beat when it comes to her kids and her community.  She’s always there to lend a helping hand.  She’s very active in the political arena & never afraid to fight for the rights of the “little guy”.  She currently lives in North Wilmington with her husband and 3 children.  Carrie is  just an all around wonderful person.  Her hobbies and interests include running, yoga, reading, drinking coffee, and going to the YMCA.