I'm a Millionaire
I’m A Millionaire!
-Denise Michelle Sisofo

I’m Thankful for…


 By: Denise Michelle Sisofo

I am thankful for second chances.  5 years ago I suffered a breakdown… mental and emotional… the details and the why are not important. What is important is that I was given the love, help & understanding from friends and family.  Their support pushed me to pull through a very sad and difficult time in my life.  I would not be here today if it had not been for their belief in me when I had Joey and Denise on the wedding daynone.  I’m ALIVE to see my son , who is now 8, grow into a fine young man.  I got to marry (weeks ago) the only person who has loved me unconditionally; who also happens to be my best friend.  Along with gaining a best friend I also got the honor of becoming a mother to a fantastic step son.

Sky Diving For CharityPaying it Forward

My experience has allowed me to be a strength to friends and family through challenges in their lives with a forgiving, open and grateful heart.

As the holidays approach, I ask that you reach out to those who may have suffered loss or something traumatic. The Holiday season magnifies the pain already felt.

I celebrate my life by volunteering EVERY chance I get and paying it forward.  Make it count people! Be grateful and remember that everything changes…good and bad.Our Dance

If nothing else … I am grateful for Thanksgiving left overs…. ….yup left overs!

My smile says it all!

Denise Michelle Sisofo aka Denise Michelle Craig is one busy lady.  Juggling all of her Guest Bartending gigs, Sky Diving for Cancer, Guest DJing on local radio shows, a full-time job in Pharmaceuticals & a family keeps this girl on her toes.  4,425 eager friends on Facebook await updates from Denise.  Her humor ranges from sweet to racy…she is a brand, everyone knows her name.  Denise show’s no fear in her practice of free speech & often posts things that most people wish they had the nerve to post.  Denise lives in Newark, DE. The ladies of NDH are grateful to her for sharing her story.