Spring is here in Northern Delaware, which means it’s time to start cleaning out all that winter clutter! Whether it’s your office or your home, now’s the time for some serious spring cleaning.


Go through your old cleaning supplies. Before you start cleaning, go through your old supplies and check the expiration dates. Replenish any products you may need. Source Supply Company has bulk cleaning products for every kind of mess.

Invest time into cleaning surfaces and windows. By spending time on cleaning not only the windows but the sills and screens, you minimize the odds of pollen and dust blowing into your home or office.

Disinfect phones, communal spaces, keyboards, etc. Disinfecting phones and keyboards is very important to maintaining good health in the home and office. While disinfecting communal spaces, kitchens and bathrooms are important. With winter colds still lingering, it’s important to eliminate as many shared germs as possible, so take the time to wipe down anything and everything that multiple people touch.

Donate old clothes. Clean out your closet of all the clothes that you haven’t worn in a few years. Not only will you be donating to people less fortunate than you, but you’ll also be making more space for new summer fashions.

Organize your computer. Most people don’t think of computers when thinking about spring cleaning, but organizing your files and clearing out old documents can mean all the difference between a productive and an unproductive work day. On your personal computer, make more space for new memories by cleaning out old photos and uploading all of those photos from your phone so you don’t lose them.

Start your spring fresh and clean! Get to organizing and scrubbing, and by the time your first summer barbecue rolls around, you’ll be happy you did it.


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