We at NorthDelaWHEREhappening.com are so very honored to spotlight Middletown’s own, Jason & Gianna Arnao, as our Happening Kids Dynamic Brother & Sister Duo!

At just 8 & 6 years old, Jason & Gianna are inspiring excellence and achieving big dreams. They have made it their personal childhood mission to teach other children throughout the Middletown Community and North Delaware about the importance of health & nutrition through a family plan they developed with their parents called “Healthy Family”. Even more, Jason & Gianna understand the importance of giving back. They have done great works for organizations like Shoes to Share, Relay for Life, March of Dimes, Alex’s Lemonade Stand, Ronald McDonald House of Delaware, Mud Run at Frightland to fight Leukemia, AI Dupont Hospital Craft Room, Special Olympics and the list goes on and on and on. When they are not paying it forward across New Castle County, they are enjoying their summer, playing with frogs, riding bikes and getting ready to attend Brick Mill Elementary School in Middletown – Jason will be a 3rd grade student and Gianna is entering 1st grade! Read more about Jason & Gianna…and learn how one family is making a BIG difference!


Congratulations to Jason & Gianna for being our Happening Kids of the Summer!

Our Interview:

NDH: How long have you lived in Middletown(New Castle County)?

Jason & Gianna: We have lived in Middletown since October 2010. We, with our parents, visited Middletown several times. We all enjoyed the small town kindness and as a family, we decided the move would be a great one. We lived in Bear previously and our parents have been residents of Delaware for 20 years, since they were kids.

NDH: How do you get so INvolved?

Jason & Gianna:  We are in on the plans for the events from the start with our parents. We share what is on our minds with our parents and we talk about current events.  We help our parents prepare for events with healthy cooking, organizing, poster making, and spreading the word when we are out in our community. Our parents post events on their Facebook page and we pass out flyers and encourage others to get involved in the events we are most passionate about.


NDH: What encouraged YOU to BE so Healthy?

Jason & Gianna:  In December of 2011, we sat down as a family and talked about health and the importance of picking healthy foods to help us grow, and mom and dad to lose a few pounds. Our parents are both nurses, so we talked about nursing and that when you make healthy choices at a young age it trains your body. We made a list of healthy foods and we went shopping, which took 3 hours(lol) with all the teaching going on about fruits ,veggies, lean meats, carbs, and all that great stuff. We then all figured out what we liked to eat and played “is this healthy or hurtful to your body”. We began last December, and we are on our way to better health. We have more energy and we are causing a stir with our excitement of healthy foods. Our mom had heart surgery and a pacemaker implanted  – oh boy that was a shock to us! Little did we know that health and nutrition was going to be so personal and a must in the Arnao family. We took this situation very seriously. We became the healthy food police for our parents. Health and nutrition became a mainstay in our daily lives because of our Mom’s health problem. We saw the power of good nutrition with our Mom’s recovery. We realized what a difference healthy foods and activities can do for your mind and body.

NDH: What is your favorite food?

Jason & Gianna:  Lasagna!  Healthy Family Style {with like 240 calories per slice, unlike regular lasagna which has around 700 calories a slice}. We help our parents prepare it at least once a week 🙂

NDH: What is your favorite subject in school?

Jason & Gianna:  Jason:  I’m going into 3rd grade and love anything to do with computers. Mom says “he is a 21st century boy”.  Gianna:  I’m going into first grade this year and I looooove reading. We have over 480 books in our home library!

NDH: What accomplishment are you MOST proud of?

Jason & Gianna:  Jason: I’m most proud of being a Boyscout and helping collect can goods for needy families. Gianna: I’m most proud of helping kids that are sick with my smile.


NDH: What has been your favorite “paying it forward” mission thus far?

Jason & Gianna: The Mud Run at Frightland to help fight Leukemia was the best event, because we were covered in mud and helped kids!

NDH: What is YOUR next mission?

Jason & Gianna: Our next mission is going on right now with our “Keeping Friends Cool”  program. We are raising money to purchase air conditioners and fans for Seniors of the MOT Senior Center (MOT=Middletown Odessa Townsend). We have been working on securing donations with our parents by talking to local business owners of Middletown and also thru private donations. We have secured $258.00 dollars since we began on Sunday. This is to help Seniors who can’t afford to purchase air conditioners or fans.

NDH: What do YOU want to be when you grow up?

Jason & Gianna:  Jason: I would like to be a builder and build a computer school to teach kids how to do homework on the computer. Gianna: I would like to be a Nurse like my parents.

NDH: What do YOU do for fun or in your spare time?

Jason & Gianna:   Our most favorite part of down time is riding bikes and catching frogs.

NDH: How do YOU feel about being recognized as NorthDelaWHEREHappening.com Kids?

Jason & Gianna:   WE are over the moon!  Jason said “it’s exciting that kids will get to know us” and Gianna jumped up and down and said “oh my, it’s great we can teach Healthy to all the kids”.

NDH: What advice would YOU give to other NDH kids?

Jason & Gianna:   Jason said “I would tell all the NDH kids we can do anything, we just have to get permission first :)”.  Gianna  said “ I would share my favorite healthy foods, and that I love to Jazzerdance at Jazzercise here in Middletown, and that all kids should just get up and move, and create your own Fit Club like we have here in Middletown. “

NDH: How did you hear about NorthDelaWHEREHappening.com?

Jason & Gianna:   Our Mom was online, and was looking for things for us to become involved with, and we came across your publication, NorthDelaWHEREHappening.com. We love it! Great information and you guys fit our healthy lifestyle. We love that you encourage kids to be a part of the puzzle!! You guy’s rock 🙂 {NDH Thank YOU!}

NDH: Anything else YOU wish or your parents wish to share?

Mom & Dad{Joni & Jason Sr}: My husband and I are so amazed by these kiddos of ours. We started out with a family mission of health and it has grown into such an amazing outreach. We cannot even put into words what a difference our children and the children they encourage to be part of Healthy Family, are going to make on this world.  We are in awe of the giving they give, even at 6 and 8 years old. 🙂 Thank you so much for honoring our children. We are making plans for many other events and outreaches for us as a family.  We really just want to make a difference in this world and show that every person can. We live in a world of 24/7 computers. We love when our kiddos are riding bikes, or selling lemonade or catching fireflies. Simplicity is the word in our home that describes our way of living and helping others.


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