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When was the last time you had an opportunity to safe a life or three?  Giving Blood is just that and more. Be a hero. One blood donation can save up to 3 lives. We are amazed to know how many of our friends and family can’t recall the last time they gave blood. Blood donation – It’s about an hour of your time. It’s about Life. Nine out of ten of us will need blood or a blood product at some time in our lives. And one out of every ten hospital patients requires a transfusion. If anything, think of it as a deposit today that you can withdraw in the future. Enjoy the feeling of accomplishment knowing that you have helped save lives. proudly joins the Blood Bank of Delmarva in celebration of National Blood Donor Month! Learn more about how the Blood Bank of Delmarva and your donation are help saving LOCAL lives.

January is National Blood Donor Month and Blood Bank of Delmarva is grateful for the generous donors who save lives every day on Delmarva.


The Blood Bank of Delmarva supplies the blood to all of the hospitals in New Castle County, North Delaware, and throughout Delmarva (16 total). In 58 years, we have never had a blood shortage due to the generosity and dedication of blood donors in our region. It takes about 350 donors a day to meet the needs of the hospitals on Delmarva and about 20,000 patients a year receive blood or blood products. One in three people in this country will need blood at some point in their lives, every two seconds someone in the United States needs blood. One blood donation can save up to three lives.

ABC Channel 6 Matt O’Donnell with Kevin

ABC Channel 6 Matt O’Donnell with Kevin Donating Blood at the Blood Bank of Delmarva

In 2012, there were more than 80,882 red cell, platelet and plasma donations collected from more than 47,857 donors. The generous gift of life from each donor has helped the Blood Bank avoid blood shortages, even during the most challenging times of year.

“Blood donors make a habit out of saving lives, and for that we are very grateful,” said Michael Waite, Blood Bank of Delmarva’s Director of Marketing and Community Relations. “National Blood Donor Month allows us to more formally thank those who give blood and save lives. The month also provides a reminder to the public that it’s critical that we maintain a stable blood supply through inclement weather and flu season.”  Each year in January and February, blood centers across the U.S. struggle to fill blood donation schedules.  Holidays, busy travel schedules, bad weather and illness all combine to make the winter months a time when blood is often in short supply.

Blood Bank of Delmarva has two donation centers in North Delaware – Wilmington and Christiana. In addition, the organization makes it convenient to donate blood with more than 30 community mobile blood drives that are regularly held throughout the region.

For more information or to schedule an appointment to give blood, visit or call 1 888 8-BLOOD-8.


New Castle County, DE
Newark, DE Upcoming dates:
Blood drives are held at the University of Delaware’s Trabant University Center Multipurpose Rooms from September to May and are open to the public. Thursday, February 21
Wilmington, DE Upcoming dates:
Blood drives are held every month at the Talleyville Fire Company, 3919 Concord Pike. Monday, February 11
Middletown, DE Upcoming dates:
Blood drives are held periodically at St. Joseph Catholic Church, 371 E. Main Street. Wednesday, January 23


Week of Service Hero Blood Drive, Food Drive and MLK Blood Drive – Celebrate the State of Delaware’s Week of Service from Jan. 11 to Jan. 21, 2013 by lending a hand and volunteering throughout the state.

University of Delaware retains the CAA Blood Challenge Title – The University of Delaware, partnered with the Blood Bank of Delmarva, captured the win in the 11th Annual Colonial Athletic Association (CAA) Blood Challenge for the second year in a row and sixth time overall.

Blood Bank of Delmarva-

Students honored at school blood drive kick-off luncheons – Record-breaking number of blood donations collected during 2011-2012 season – Blood Bank of Delmarva held 4 awards luncheons throughout Delmarva to recognize the 70 local high schools that contributed to the success of the 2011-2012 School Blood Drive Program. Check out the list of schools and their achievements!


  • Healthy adults who are at least 17 years old, and at least 110 pounds may donate a pint of blood—every 56 days, or every two months.
  • Females receive 53 percent of blood transfusions; malesreceive 47 percent.
  • Only 37% of the U.S. population is eligible to donate blood – less than 10%  – do annually.  
  • About 1 in 7 people entering a hospital need blood.
  • Shortages of all blood types happen during the summer and winter holidays.
  • There is no substitute for human blood.
  • The actual donation takes about 5 minutes. The entire donation process, from registration to post-donation refreshments, takes about one hour.


bloodtypesblood types

  • The universal red cell donor has Type O negative blood type.
  • The universal plasma donor has Type AB positive blood type.


To schedule an appointment to give blood or to volunteer,

visit or call 1 888 8-BLOOD-8.