Did you know almost a million business entities have their legal home in Delaware including more than 50% of all U.S. publicly-traded companies and 60% of the Fortune 500? With so many businesses constantly arriving in Delaware, there is no doubt much to move.

Moving is always a big transition, whether it’s moving your entire office or just your cubicle. A smooth move requires plenty of planning on your part. It helps to be time-efficient and to have a plan, and it never hurts to be over prepared in supplies.

With careful planning and preparation in your supplies, you will be situated in your new office in no time. Read the following tips to stock up on supplies for your move:

  • Use poly bags to store office supplies. While you are surveying the supplies in your current office, you will likely realize you have more supplies than you know what to do with. Poly bags are sealable and great for transporting goods. They also work well as furniture coverings, which will ensure that nothing gets scratched or damaged in a moving truck.
  • Utilize shelf bins. Shelf bins are great for storage and can be reused. These are perfect for moving and storing items and can come in handy to keep in the office under a desk as a storage unit for your supplies.
  • Invest in a basic moving kit. If you haven’t already, look into purchasing moving kits. They include an assortment of different shaped boxes which come in handy for moving smaller or oddly shaped items.

Be prepared for your move with the right supplies. The less time you spend moving, the more cost-effective your move will be. For help with your moving supplies, contact Apple LTD at 888-635-1BOX.

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