• nemours-help-our-kids-radiothon-aydia-2012Nemours A.I. duPont Hospital for Children in Wilmington is hitting the airwaves with its 3rd annual Help Our Kids Radiothon, presented by Nemours Fund for Children’s Health and generously sponsored by Delmarva Broadcasting.  Seven local radio stations will be broadcasting from the hospital with on-air personalities interviewing patients and families, physicians, nurses, volunteers and others.  Nearly a quarter of a million dollars has been raised in the last two years by the annual Radiothon. The event will all take place in the hospital cafeteria. Don’t miss the excitement — there will be lots of activities for everyone, and every gift will help Nemours provide the very best care for children.


Sept. 10-11 at Nemours/Alfred I. duPont Hospital for Children

Special thanks to the radio stations, the generous support of the community and our sponsors for helping make the Radiothon possible.

    Help Our Kids Around the LOCAL Community

During August, retailers in our LOCAL communities will be raising funds to “Help Our Kids.” The participating retailers listed below will be selling Nemours hang tags for $1 each or hosting a fundraiser to support Nemours/Alfred I. duPont Hospital for Children. And, 100% of your donation will help Nemours provide the very best care for children in our community.

Participating Retailers

 Newark, DE
 Wilmington, DE

Helping Children like Aydia

nemours-help-our-kids-radiothon-aydia-2012Aydia was born with a form of spina bifida. She had a “tethered” spinal cord that required immediate surgery. Her parents were told that she might never be able to walk, but with therapy, she did just that at age 2.

When Aydia was 8 years old, she kept getting sick and wasn’t growing properly. Her parents took her to duPont Hospital for Children where she had to have a feeding tube and additional surgery. Aydia’s conditions began to improve, and she gained 15 pounds and grew two inches taller. Now, a year later, she plays several sports and takes dance classes.

Although Aydia was still in the hospital during last year’s Help Our Kids Radiothon, she captured the hearts of listeners everywhere with her story. Today, Aydia is a vibrant and active young girl who shows no evidence that she was ever sick.


 100% of your gift goes to helping the children in our care.

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