legalize food trucks delawareFood trucks do more than feed people. They bring people, good hardworking people, out of their offices onto the streets. They partner with stores and restaurants in the area to increase business for everyone. Food trucks provide an extra set of eyes on the ground to call in suspicious activity. Food trucks are small businesses, a path to opening a full restaurant with less capital then they would need to open a brick and mortar. (Just ask Chef Wit from Kapow Food Truck who’s opening his storefront today!) Food trucks pay taxes and bring business to the city.

What the Truck?

You may have seen this flyer posted by the Rolling Revolution recently. Rolling Revolution has been meeting with the City of Wilmington Mayor’s office to get city ordinances changed so that quality, fully inspected, and licensed food trucks can park in designated spots in the downtown area. This is the result of over a year’s worth of meetings, proposals and changes.

Wilmington is on the verge of catching up to vibrant cities like Austin, TX and L.A. However, if we want this law to pass, we need you. We need you to call your city council person and ask them to PASS ORDINANCE #4080.THANK YOU for your support!


Wilmington City Council will hold a Public Works & Transportation Committee Meeting at the Louis L. Redding City/County Building on Wednesday, September 16 at 5:00 p.m. to discuss the ordinance. The meeting is open to the public. Details here 


Rolling Revolution Team

About Rolling Revolution

Rolling Revolution are local Delaware vending truck owners/operators seeking to sustain the well-being of our industry & foster a sense of community and work.

Rolling Revolution Food TrucksFounders and Board Members:

  • Chef Wit and Jody Milburn – Kapow Food Truck
  • Mary Tipping and Karla Fleshman – Java Puppy MobileEspresso Truck
  • Emily Durán- Passionista Fashion Truck

Contact the Rolling Revolution team via [email protected] or visit them at

We seek to sustain the well-being of our industry, foster a sense of community and work in partnership to improve vending/food truck regulations. We are engaged community members who deeply care about our city and believe in working together to make a positive impact.

Members of the Rolling Revolution are engaged community members who deeply care about the District and believe in working together to make a positive impact on the city. Many members of the RR are native Delawarean, and many employ local residents. We seek out ways to be involved in community events, and some vending/food truck owner-operators have a policy to donate a portion of their profits to area charities.