by Anonymous

moonwalkI hope you all are enjoying the fabulous warm weather that has graced our presence the past few weeks. I’m finding myself walking around town more and even planning a summer vacation soon! What I should really be planning is a date with Mr. Right, but who will that be, where will that be and when will that happen? For now I’m enjoying being single & there’s no time like the summer to do that.

Recently, I attended my friend’s bachelorette party which included a limo ride to my favorite spot. We started the night off with dinner at a cute Italian bistro and then headed downtown for a night on the town. It turned out to be a great time, but what made it interesting was at the very end. Our last stop was a notorious cougar bar, and it was there that I met a nice 34 year old gentleman whose name I will not mention. He had spotted me across the dance floor and decided to attempt the Michael Jackson moonwalk move as he came my way. He was actually fairly good.

At this point I had a few drinks in me so I wasn’t quite coordinated with my dance moves, oh let’s face it, I am never coordinated when it comes to dancing, but I did try to put my best foot forward (no pun intended) and make the best of it. At one point he asked me what kind of work I do and it turned out we were both determined and hardworking entrepreneurs; something I definitely admire in a man. As the girls were heading out to catch the limo I handed him my business card and told him to text me. He leaned in for one last hug and it was there that I noticed his awfully bad breath.

Barely 24 hours went by and Mr. Moonwalk was blowing up my phone with multiple texts and phone calls. This guy seems determined, a little bit TOO determined. I had expressed my distaste for talking on the phone, but he was persistent to try anyway. As a few weeks went by we continued to text but I have yet to meet up with him. I told him my schedule was fairly booked and my recent move into my new home was first priority. He even went so far to call me and when I didn’t answer he claimed his “butt” had dialed me.

One thing he did that I never quite understood was take random photos throughout the day and send them to me. One was a photo of a Starbucks coffee and in the background you could clearly see he was trying to show off all of his computer equipment. Another shot was of his lunch and this was taken on his patio next to his iPad. And the latest picture was of his new shower glass door and stonework. Again, I never asked for these images nor was there ever any conversation that led up to it, he would just volunteer these photos. I always found it odd, but admitidly, I also found myself encouraging it just to see what else he would send me. I’ve yet to go out on a date with Mr. Moonwalk.  If  I do, you’ll be the first to know!

Until next time…