Grab your big girl panties/boy shorts, thermal underwear and insulated snow boots – the snow is gonna get ya. Tackle the depths with aplomb. Step aside milk and bread, there are way more important things on our snow day essentials list to do a body good – inside and out. The must haves and must dos in prep for snowmageddon 2016.

Snow Day Essentials


Toilet Paper

Don’t forget the white stuff 0r things could get real messy!

Snow Day - Toilet Paper 12Rolls dont forget


If you don’t have water proof or hole proof socks, we hear these work wonders for keeping your tootsies semi-dry(old school idea). Also essential for cell phones.

snow day ziploc foot warmers

INdulgences and Vices

Let’s face it, we all have one maybe three? Who’s counting especially on snow days? When you’re potentially cooped up for days, it’s ok to stock up and indulge to keep the grumps at bay.

snow day - indulgences

Get Charging

Mind, body and soul. Who knows how long the electricity will last when snow and ice mix. Charge all your devices now to stay connected.

snow day - charge all your devices

Warm Your Pets

Even the toughest dogs(and cats) deserve warmth and protection from the bitter chill and salty paws.

snow day - pet warmers

Empty the TRASH & Recyling Bins!

Do it early before the barrels outside get full of the white stuff or become hard to reach AND prior to the house becoming to stank-y.

snow day - trash can

Pay it Forward

Help a neighbor, old or young. Grab your shovel or snow blower and pay it forward. Make it a family affair – get them all involved. The smile of gratitude you’ll earn will be worth the aches and pains.

shoveling snow for neighbors

Sleep In & Take Naps

Oh the lazy days – go ahead, hit the snooze button or take a random cat nap. We are sure you all deserve it.

snow day - take naps

Sip Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows

Nothing says “I feel like a kid again” quite like the slurp of creamy hot chocolate with melting marshmallows. #justsaying
snow day - hot chocolate with marshmallows


hAppY sNoW dAYs!