sledding-girlSnOw dAy! Finally time to embrace our wintry bitter cold white small wonderland and take advantage of all the rad sledding slopes in North Delaware, New Castle County.  2015’s subpar temps offer a +Fluff Factor delivering powdery, light and fluffy S*N*O*W! Bundle Xtra-up, grab your sledding apparatus and get ready to shred, ride and cruise down some of the most happening slopes that North Delaware has to offer. Lift off! Get an early start to beat the crowds(*hint: others are reading this too*). Here’s our Top 5+ Wicked Awesome Slopes to Sled in North Delaware! Note: some may be subject to park closures. 

Glasgow Park

A crown jewel of New Castle County parks located at Rt 40(Pulaski Hwy) and Rt 896. You’ll find the Big Hill located near the East entrance. Follow the gravel path to the summit for a better view. Nicknamed “Bear Mountain”, these broad slopes are ideal for winter sledding fun.  This massive sledding hill has even been claimed as possibly the biggest in all of Delaware. Test it!

Rockford Parksledding-family2

Wilmington’s State Park located off Park Drive offers incredible slopes wide enough for the masses just above dog park. Just below Rockford Tower and the tennis courts. Free parking. Open 8am to sunset.

Monkey Hill

A side bar from Wilmington’s Brandywine Zoo.  The Monkeys may be absent after the Monkey House tree damage but the infamous Monkey Hill just behind remains one of the most highly rated steep sledding slopes of City Locals. Labeled the “sledding mecca”  and/or “suicide hill”, we hear. Located on North Park Drive in Wilmington adjacent to the Zoo. Free parking. Open 8am to sunset.

Rockwood Park


New Castle County’s Gem located just North of the city limits of Wilmington on Washington Street Extension, Rockwood Park sits on 72 acres of hills – you can’t miss the bustle of activity.

Brandywine Creek State Park

This 933 acre park off Rt 100 in North Wilmington, is host to wide open fields and the 200 yard Big Hill is located on the right as you enter the main parking lot. Plenty of adventure to be had here and said to be one of the elite. Subject to Delaware State Park closure schedule. Call (302)577-3534 for more info.

Other NDH FAN Favoriteskids sledding

  • White Clay Creek State Park in Newark – Carpenter Recreation Area
  • S. Union Street near Canby Park in Wilmington
  • Iron Hill Park in Newark Logo

Do you have a favorite sledding spot in North Delaware that you’re willing to share? One that offers public access? We thrive from YOUR feedback.

If so, do tell – email US at [email protected]


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