Franco Thomas- Co-founder & Motivator, Fit Team DE

Contagious smile, magnetic drive – this Mover & Shaker is creating a FIT movement.

Franco Thomas is co-creator and driving force behind Fit Team Delaware. Franco has inspired a community of people all ages, sizes, backgrounds, and fitness levels to achieve goals together by inspiring each other. Franco started a positive movement in a society driven by negativity and the gains are paying off physically, emotionally, and socially for all who participate. Franco began a Facebook page, Fit Team DE, to reach out to people who are in shape, out of shape, want a shape, or just want to network with others. This movement was small with limited participation, but has grown exponentially. Four nights a week, Franco runs a workout at various locations throughout Northern Delaware where everyone gathers for about an hour and motivates each other to push themselves for physical gains. He is transforming a community to a better lifestyle – physically and mentally. In a society where obesity runs rampant and negativity is the norm, Franco’s small FB page has turned into a large movement. There are kids, adults, young adults, all ages, all sizes showing up and pushing themselves four nights a week.

Q & A with Franco

Franco Thomas- Co-founder & Motivator, Fit Team DE

Franco Thomas- Co-founder & Motivator, Fit Team DE

NDH: The person who nominated you gave us 3 reasons why you should be nominated as a Mover & Shaker.  Now we would like to hear it from you.  


  1. I have my own weekly FM radio show (Team Nitty Radio).
  2. I conduct a FREE workout group (Fit Team DE) which is open to the public and operates 4 days per week.
  3. I’ve always been involved in the betterment of my surrounding community.

NDH: What achievements are you most proud of?

Franco: Creating, producing, and hosting my own weekly FM radio show.  Creating a fitness group dedicated to helping people improve themselves physically, and emotionally.  Working at a job (Connections CSP, Inc.) where I have the ability to positively impact people’s lives daily.  Having successfully created and conducted a book club for approximately two years.

NDH: Can you share any stories about how your involvement has impacted an individual or the North Delaware community?

Franco: As an Employment Specialist by day, I assist people who face various barriers to employment, to successfully re-enter the workforce.  I’ve individuals tell that the work ethic and positivity of Fit Team DE is the reason they’ve dedicated themselves to get into fitness, thus achieving results they didn’t deem attainable.

NDH: Movers & Shakers are visionaries.  What projects are you working on for future achievement?

Franco: I’m currently working on evolving Fit Team DE into a registered non-profit organization.  I’m also working on increasing Team Nitty Radio’s exposure and outreach to the masses, possibly through commercial radio.  I may even bring back the Team Nitty Book Club.

NDH: Have you faced any serious challenges along the way that you would like to share?

Franco: A big challenge tends to be getting people to believe in your vision.  However, I learned that as long as I truly believed in it, and set plans into action, people will eventually become believers, and want to take part.

WVUD 91.3 FMNDH: What local organizations, events or clubs are you currently involved with?

Franco: 91.3FM WVUD radio station at the University of Delaware.  Fit Team The Delaware Naturalistas “Naturally Redefined” natural hair expo.

NDH: What attracted you to these organizations?

Franco: WVUD is where I developed my love for the broadcasting industry. The desire to want to improve myself physically along with others sharing my desires lead me to create Fit Team DE.  The positive reinforcement of cultural values and community improvement is what attracted me to Delaware Black and Delaware Naturalistas.

NDH: Who or what inspired you to get involved? And, how did they inspire you?

Franco: A strong desire for self improvement and community improvement is what inspires me to do a lot of what I do.

NDH: Do you have a mentor?Franco Thomas Mover & Shaker DE 2014

Franco: I don’t have a mentor per se, but I do have various people whose counsel I will seek as needed.

NDH: What’s your favorite North Delaware Event?

Franco: That’s tough!  But if I have to choose one, I’d say the Delaware Black Expo.

NDH: What’s your go-to spot for dinner or night life? 
Franco: My go-to spot for dinner and night life right now is easily Ernest & Scott Taproom (9th & Market St.) on Friday nights!


NDH: Is there anything else that North Delaware should know about YOU?

Franco: I ran my 1st ever 5k race this summer (thanks to Fit Team DE).  I’m into outdoor adventure such as hiking.  I like to sample the local fare wherever my travels take me.

NDH: How do you feel about being named as one of the Top 10 Movers & Shakers in North Delaware?

Franco: I am honored to named as a Top 10 Mover & Shaker.  With so many people accomplishing so many things in the 1st state, it’s a great feeling to know that not only did someone see fit to nominate me, but the panel of judges saw fit to place me.  It’s further proof that my mission is not going unnoticed or in vain, and it pushes me to continue to strive for success.

Check out the Movers & Shakers DE 2014 Video, featuring Franco.

Movers & Shakers DE 2014 Top 10 Celebration

from CineMavericks Media LLC on Vimeo.

MoversShakersDelaware2014 Top 10

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