Can-Do Playground, Where Dreams are Never Disabled.

There are some hidden treasures that you just have to SHOUT about as much as you would like to keep them secret. Can-Do Playground nestled in Wilmington’s Alapocas Run State Park is one incredible treasure that we are proud to call our own. It’s our all new favorite park thanks to a tip from one of our daughter’s day care teachers. Hard to believe it’s been around since 2007 and our first visit was Sunday?  And what did our mesmerizing eyes see? A children’s playground bound by shady trees NOT fences, sidewalks or busy roadways – a safe haven and peaceful setting simply to play and just be.

This is a top-of-the-line, barrier-free/bound-less playground designed as a place for children of all abilities to join in the fun with friends and family in imaginative, interactive and dramatic play. It’s magical almost something you would expect at Disney World and/or to compliment an amusement park and there’s plenty of SHADE. And better yet, its nestled here in the heart of Wilmington, North New Castle County. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

Members of 6 Wilmington-area Rotary clubs conceived the idea for the playground as a way to celebrate the Rotary centennial, joined by government officials, disabilities professionals and lots of kids. The playground was built in collaboration with the Delaware Division of Parks and Recreation. Access to the park is FREE but if you drive, there is a fee to park $3 for Delaware residents. And don’t be fooled by the self-serve envelopes, the DE State Park Ranger is on the prowl. Pay the $3 – Trust us,  the experience is worth the 300 pennies!

  • Challenging– Every child will be challenged at the Can-Do Playground with multiple areas of sensory, physical and creative development.
  • Accessible– Over 70% of the play activities will be accessible to every child who visits the Can-Do Playground.
  • Opportunity – The Can-Do Playground is an entire universe of new opportunity for kids with disabilities.

Can-Do Playground is designed as a 26,000 square foot childrens’ playground and garden to provide play and adventure opportunities for children of all ages and abilities. Play apparatus will physically challenge users of the playground, while the garden offers mazes, games and theme gardens to challenge the mind and visually enhance the park. There’s a toddler area and even a great big sand box!


Can-Do Playground Facts from

  • Opened on 7/11/07, The Can-Do Playground, accessible to children with & without disabilities, is the 1st public playground of its kind in Delaware.
  • Some 8,000 children in our community have disabilities that make it difficult or impossible for them to enjoy traditional playgrounds.
  • Every child, regardless of physical, mental and sensory abilities, can enjoy and use the equipment in the Can-Do Playground.
  • These children can join others because the Can-Do Playground is designed to enable their participation.
  • The Can-Do Playground has been developed in conjunction with the National Center for Boundless PlaygroundsTM, a leader in the creation of accessible playgrounds.
  • Location: Eastern section of the new Alapocas Run State Park that is part of the Blue Ball Project adjacent to Route 202 in north Wilmington, Delaware.
  • Sponsors & Developers: Six Wilmington-area Rotary clubs — Brandywine, Brandywine Hundred, Caesar Rodney, Naamans, Wilmington and Wilmington West in partnership with Delaware Department of Transportation and Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control’s Division of Parks and Recreation, which have provided the land and will complete all site preparation.
  • Total cost, including land and improvements: $989,000.
  • Fundraising status: to date, the Fundraising Committee and the six Rotary clubs have raised 100% of the $489,000 goal.
  • This project celebrates the Centennial of Rotary International, the world’s oldest private service organization.

What is a “Boundless Playground”? 

In a nutshell, a Boundless Playground is an integrated play area in which all children, those who are 100% enabled and those with disabilities, can play together, interactively. The objective is to design an area that is barrier free, socially inviting and contains play environment groupings.


A GREAT BIG THANK YOU to all the volunteers, sponsors & Rotary Members that made this CAN-DO Playground come to fruition! 

You ARE amazing in every way!

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