Cromwells HuitlacocheCromwell’s American Tavern & Taqueria’s take on holidays is usually, well, understated. New Year’s Eve promises a couple of festive menu additions. The Christmas menu will get you in and out in time to meet all your obligations. Corned beef and cabbage night is subtle tradition.

But Cinco de Mayo…THAT feels like a party. A few years back, Cromwell’s Tavern took its hugely popular Wednesday night Mexican menu and made it available every day, and people loved it. So Cinco de Mayo is perhaps the pinnacle of the restaurant’s year, where even the regulars are looking to try something new.

The Cromwell’s motto is, “You DON’T have to compromise.”

At the same table, he might be eating Sizzling Fajitas, while she is enjoying Guinness Beef Stew. She’s got 18 tequilas to choose from; he’s got 24 wine choices, from an Argentinian Malbec to a German Riesling, with generous pours. They’re sharing Buffalo Chicken Winglets. (And noshing on popcorn before dinner.)

Cromwells No Sacrifice

But Cromwell’s is no ordinary slap-some-salsa-on-it-and-call-it-Tex-Mex joint.

The chef and kitchen staff collaborate to ensure the menu of over 100 South-of-the-border dishes reflects authentic Mexican flavors, while also still offering crossover fare, like Supreme Nachos, for those who are on the authenticity fence.

Want something that tastes like it came from Abuela’s kitchen?

Try a Quesadilla with Huitlacoche (we’ll let you Google that one), or Tacos with Langua de Vaca. If you only know Huaraches as sandals, taste Cromwell’s oblong corn cake with nopales and other toppings served with Braised Pork or Chorizo.

Not so particular about bona fide recipes? Try a House Smoked Brisket Burrito or Enchiladas.

Vegetarians don’t have to miss out: get Grilled Portobello in Tacos, and Taco and Fajita Salads.

YOU can choose…Mexican or American Tavern fare!

Cromwell's TavernAnd if you are simply submitting to your dinner companion’s desire to celebrate a holiday that wasn’t on your radar, try the huge menu of American Tavern fare:

Panko-Crusted Mac and Cheese, petite sliders, succulent burgers, over 15 salad options including Cromwell’s signature Chicken Salad piled high next to a giant plate of fruit, hot sandwiches, and entrees like House-Smoked Baby Back Ribs and San Francisco Cioppino.

Pure MargaritaCromwell’s has something for everybody, including a cozy, welcoming atmosphere and off-street parking. The specialty cocktails menu includes a “Pure” Margarita. Their nine taps include local craft brews, seasonals and classics. (Pick the right night and any one of these will be on special.) The menu features board changes twice daily – that’s nearly 30 different new dishes to try every week!

Open 7 days a week, Cromwell’s is located on Route 52. Watch sports and HD programming on 92” and 84” screens.

Cromwell’s American Tavern AND Taqueria – same comfort, twice the adventure – and your Cinco de Mayo destination.



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