Dewars-HoneyDrink of the Week: Dewar’s Highlander Honey

When we were growing up, my cousins and I would like to “play” bar.  We would pretend we were bartenders at all the family functions, offering cocktails to our Grandmothers, Parents, Aunts and Uncles.  We got pretty good at slinging drinks and so much so that 2 out of 6 of us ended up in the “Biz”.  It certainly helped that they all drank the same thing ~ Scotch with a splash of water.  We never understood why they enjoyed it so much – back then, it didn’t smell that great to us, but then again we were young and “Scotch is an acquired taste” as they would say.  Now as adults, we have learned to appreciate the qualities and sophistication of fine scotch.

Dewar’s took it one step further when they released the Highlander Honey in April 2013, a brilliant move on their part.  They took DEWAR’S® WHITE LABEL® Blended Scotch Whisky and infused it with Scottish honey, harvested from bees near the Aberfeldy distillery, plus some other natural flavors and what you get is SWEET HARMONY.

honey“Dewar’s Highlander Honey delivers fantastic notes of honey, but still retains the treasured characteristics of the original blend, which is renowned for its complex taste profile and its unparalleled smoothness,” says Stephanie Macleod, Master Blender for Dewar’s. “By using Dewar’s White Label as the core for Dewar’s Highlander Honey, the infusion process builds on the already present honey aromas found in the blend and creates an exceptionally well-rounded and harmonious taste profile that “The Drinking Man” has come to expect from Dewar’s.”

dewarsdrinkingscotchSomeone who already has the sophisticated palate for Scotch can appreciate the pleasant buttery, velvety honey taste with notes of juicy citrus and peaty undertones.  This is the first craft flavor infused Blended Scotch and a true Scotch @ 40% ABV.  More importantly, this makes trying scotch, which may be intimidating to some, approachable & appealing to the modern drinker.

“The Drinking Man” may have to roll over and make some room for the  “Drinking Woman”!


JOJO with Dewars









The sweetness of honey.

The bite of 80,000 bees.

What is sweetness without a little bite?

We had the opportunity to experience our first taste of this Honey Goodness at Thurston’s Pub in Bear, Delaware.  Where JOJO, Joanne Janowski, a 30 year Bar-tending Veteran, was serving up some delicious Highlander Honey Scotch Shots and Cocktails.  JoJo spent 22 of her 30 years bartending in Delaware.  She moved away, only to return 3 years ago and has been serving up cocktails at Thurston’s ever since…now that’s saying something.


“I love the fun family atmosphere, the people who come here and my awesome boss, the owner Naomi”.

The Honey Crush, Honey Nut and the Honeysuckle Sour drinks (see recipe in the image above) are featured on Thursday Nights @ Thurston’s Pub during their DJ Party with DJ Edible Ed.  The DJ starts at 9:30, and the drinks are available all day as well as the amazing wrap sandwiches they have on special for $6.00!

TRY and BUY it! 

Dewar’s Highlander Honey is also available at your LOCAL neighborhood liquor store for around $23.99.

Click here for more information about Dewar’s Highlander Honey.

This is quite a controversial commercial. We think it’s hot, what do you think?