A Life Long Journey of Self Discovery & Joy…


By Maria DiCamillo

Salutation to the Sun

There are many things in my life for which I am thankful, and one of the most significant is the opportunity to be a student of yoga and to teach yoga to many people in my community. Yoga is personal and yoga is communal for it builds, supports, strengthens, and fosters the heart, soul, and spirit of community. Yoga has enabled me to have an authentic and healthy lifestyle and to truly discover my voice, my vision, and my core values.

Spread Your Wings & Fly

Yoga has enabled me to improve my physical endurance, strength, and flexibility. It exhilarates my spirit, opens my mind, and allows me to discover the pure joy and freedom to let go and enjoy.

I celebrate the fundamentals of yoga because it empowers me with a deeper understanding of self, and teaches me to appreciate all that I have in my life. Most significantly, yoga has taught me to find, acknowledge, and develop my magnificence and the profound truth that we are living, breathing, walking, and talking miracles.

Lastly, through yoga, I am enjoying the moment and being fully aware, present, and alive in this very moment. Yoga has given me roots so that I have been able to spread my wings and fly.


Maria D. Yoga TeacherAbout Maria

An energetic and enthusiastic certified yoga teacher, Maria is skilled through twelve years of experience in practicing yoga and seven years of teaching. Having completed her 200 hour certification with OM Yoga in New York City in 2005, Maria attends many workshops and retreats and studies with world renowned teachers. She is also registered through Yoga Alliance.

Maria D on the Beach in Florida

“Wow! Today life celebrates me and I celebrate life!! A day to make a wish, blow out your candles, and catch each magical moment that brings YOU joy! Thank you my friends!!” – Maria D. celebrating her birthday on the beach in Florida.

With a mastery of the techniques, language, alignment, and philosophies of yoga, Maria fosters the creative sequencing of fluid asanas and dynamic dance. She cultivates approaches that empower students to gain a deeper understanding of self, to integrate breathing and movement, and to grow in strength and flexibility. Maria is a grounded and balanced teacher who promotes transformation and the natural connection between mind, body, and spirit while she encourages and prepares her students to discover and develop their individual, creative exploration of yoga.

Maria, a native Wilmingtonian,  invites you to join her classes @ Focus Fitness. She looks forward to helping you evolve in your journey toward inner peace, balance, and ananda (your supreme joy and complete blissful happiness).  Be on the lookout for special YOGA events hosted by Maria & she also offers private YOGA sessions as well.


Downtown Wilmington Class

Rockstar Yoga This is not your typical Friday Happy Hour! in a Studio on LOMA in Downtown Wilmington Delaware