Are you a Ghost Chaser, Hunter, or Buster?

If so, you needn’t look far to get your “paranormal on”!  We found 12 paranormal hot spots in North Delaware with records of  ghostly activities.  Most of the haunted mansions, houses and libraries are hosting tours and investigative opportunities.  

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New Castle

Amstel House -is one of New Castle’s most haunted houses – where you may meet the “Woman in Blue.”  The Dutch House and the Old Library are also historic buildings in New Castle with a history of paranormal activity. Take a  journey into New Castle’s supernatural side with a Paranormal Investigation of these three buildings or the Haunted History walking tour happening this month.

David Finney Inn – third floor is said to be haunted by unknown ghost.


Bellevue Hall Mansion, owned by  Delaware Parks and Recreation, is a popular place for private events, such as, weddings and corporate events.  When the staff noticed the paranormal activities happening on the 2nd and third floors, these areas were closed to the public. There are several spirits which make the 2nd and 3rd floors their home.

These spirits like to play with the lights, and electrical devices. They also get their kicks by moving chairs & have a tendency to get noisy. The living have heard laughter and screaming coming from rooms on the 2nd and 3rd floor. Either reliving some fond memories and /or some horrible moments in their life on earth.  Click here for tour information.

Dead Presidents Pub & Restaurant inherited a ghost from the 1960’s when another bar was in operation.  A regular named “Lemonade” Mullery  slipped to his demise in the Mens room while in a drunken stooper.  Pranks on patrons, rattling glasses and dishes thrown at waiters and waitresses are just a few examples of the presence that is felt in the pub.

Bancroft Academy – In girls bathroom lights go off you see red eyes glowing and see that they are looking at you.

Rockwood Mansion – balls of light and strange sounds are observed here. Rockwood was featured on an episode of “My Ghost Story” that aired on the Biography Channel on October 29th 2011.  You too can take that tour, click here for more information.

Pea Patch Island

Fort Delaware held many prisoners during the cival war, including pirates and confederate soldiers.  Most of the ghosts seen here come from that time period. Human pain and misery, violence, survivor guilt and death in such a place often produces restless spirits that can’t let go of this world and enter the next.  Interested in the 5 hour paranormal experiece?

People have heard moaning and clanging of chains in the dungeon.  Fleeing Confederate soldiers have been spotted under the ramparts and parade grounds; possibly in a failed escape effort. In 1985, a visitor snapped a picture of a see-through Confederate Officer standing in an archway, still being held as a prisoner of war, after all these years, not willing to go to the other side for various reasons.

It seems pirates who were caught long before the Civil War also are hanging around the place. A park ranger was quite surprised one day to see a pirate, dressed in a beautiful green silk shirt and white silk pants, looking out a window at the fort, wistfully yearning to be free.


Cooches Bridge, the first Battle of the American Revolution, where the Stars and Stripes were flown in Battle. Delaware militiamen were delaying the British forces who landed at Turkey Point in Maryland so as to give General Washington time to escape from Philadelphia. One legend states that during the initial skirmish between the militia and the Redcoats, a British soldier got his head shot off. On foggy moonless nights people claim to see a Headless British Soldier walking along the roads in the area. There are many other stories associated with the area.

Deer Park Inn and Tavern on Main Street has been remodeled several times since the 1800’s whn slaves were traded on the porch. Rumor has it that  Edgar Allen Poe wrote “The Raven” there.  The wait staff used to tell stories of sounds on the stairs(which were closed off at the time) and doors would swing open as if someone was coming in and no one was there.

Lums Pond State Park – In the early 70’s a runaway girl was taken into the woods and killed here. The killer was never caught but sometimes a pleading high pitched voice and muffled screams can be heard from the woods just off the Swamp Forest hiking trail which goes around Lums Pond.

Salem Church Road – People claim to have seen a family of six walking across the highway. Back in the 1900’s the family of six was hung because of witchcraft, ever since then they hunt the highway to find the relatives who hung them.

The Valley – On this dark and windy road near Pike Creek many have claimed to see things chasing their cars & heard screems.  The trees that line it seem to follow you & the woods seem to move with you instead of being passed.  WARNING: Keep your eyes open and your foot on the break while driving this haunted road. Apparently, a baby was abandoned & left to die under a tree somewhere along this road.  If you’re brave STOP and you may hear the tree “crying”. The distinct sound of an infant crying in the darkness surrounds visitors.

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