Hail A Cab - taxi or sedan service in delaware‘Tis the week for holiday celebrations, festivities and DUI Checkpoints.

It’s easy to get comfortable and relaxed with all the great company surrounding you this season – mix that with alcohol and it’s time to Hail a Cab or a Sedan service.  If the piggyback, MOM TAXI or Designated Driver aren’t an option for your door-to-door service, then bookmark this page and remember a sober and safe ride home is always just a phone call away.  Who knows, maybe you’ll land a CASH CAB around town. Below we have collected a group of recommended services from LOCALs in the know as well as the DUI Checkpoints scheduled for this week in North Delaware.  While CASH is always KING for your added convenience, note that most(not all) services today accept Visa/MC/AMEX. Please don’t drink and drive. Celebrate the holidays responsibly.

At Your Service…Hail A Cab options in North Delaware

  • Abe Taxi – 302-419-8222
  • Hope Taxi – 302-723-1398
  • Champion Taxi – 302-383-4706
  • Delaware Concierge Taxi – 302-602-2222
  • Del Taxi – 302-354-9190
  • Diamond State Taxi – 302-444-1703
  • Diamond Cab – 302-658-4321
  • Eagle Taxi Cab, Inc. – 302-397-1568

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED SERVICE – Delaware Express – www.delexpress.com


Sedan Service: Open 24 hrs/7 Days, Open Holidays Specialties: Make your bookings directly from your iPhone! http://delexpress.hudsonltd.net/app/iquick   Save this URL to your home screen and you’ll have 24 hour access to our reservation system! For more info, visit www.delexpress.com

Eagle Transportation

at (800) 669-5460. 24/7/365 DAYS A YEAR.  Here at Eagle we soar above the rest. “Quick Guaranteed Response” is the hallmark of our business. Our Worldwide reservation network is available 24 hours, 7 days a week. Our chauffeurs are a key factor in the success of our business. Through commitment and courteous service, we have grown to be a worldwide ground transportation leader! No matter the time, the occasion or the location Eagle Chauffeured Services is here.


Tipping: Cabbies & Sedan Services are in the service industry –  and drivers, like most service workers — depend largely on gratuities for income. Think as you would a waiter in a restaurant: 15% for expected service, 20% for a great experience and down to 10% for something… well less than wonderful. Add $1 per bag that the driver helps you with and $2 per bag for any that are very heavy.

Have your directions ready: You’ve hired a taxi/sedan service, not a field guide. Although many drivers will be familiar with all parts of the area they serve, inevitably there will be gaps in a cabbie’s knowledge. Try to know the major streets of your route or at least a major landmark that the driver will know near your ultimate destination.

Dont-Drink-and-Drive Delaware


There are two checkpoints scheduled to occur this weekend as follows according to the  News.Delaware.Gov website:

Friday, Dec 27th      Newark (DSP & New Castle County DUI Task Force)
Tuesday, Dec 31st    Newark (New Castle County DUI Task Force)

The Safe Family Holiday DUI Victim tree received 1 more red bulb this week. There is now a total of 9 green bulbs and 2 red bulb on each DUI Victim tree.  Each green bulb represents an alcohol related injury and a red bulb represents an alcohol related fatality on Delaware roadways between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day.  Last year, 3 people were killed and 54 were injured in alcohol-related crashes in Delaware during the holiday season. Since January 1st of this year, 96 people have lost their lives on Delaware roadways in 92 fatal traffic crashes, compared to 106 people killed in 101 fatal traffic crashes this time last year.  Aggressive driving behaviors, including speeding, running stop signs, and not granting right of way, have contributed to 34% of the fatal traffic crashes so far this year. To date alcohol consumption has been involved in 35% of the traffic deaths, and 47% of vehicle occupant fatalities were individuals not wearing their seat belts.

For more information on these or any of our other Safe Family Holiday campaign efforts follow OHS on Twitter @DEHighwaySafe, visit our website for updates at www.ohs.delaware.gov,www.DUIRealTime.com/Safe-Holidays or Like them on Facebook at www.facebook.com/ArriveAliveDE.

Preventing impaired driving crashes is a shared responsibility; everyone can do their part to save a life:

  • Always plan ahead to designate a non-drinking driver before any party or celebration begins.
  • Never get behind the wheel of a car when you’ve been drinking alcohol and never ride with someone who has been drinking – even after just one drink.
  • Do not hesitate to take the keys from friends or family members who may be impaired or call a taxi for a friend in need.
  • Be a responsible host by always offering alcohol-free beverages and protein rich snacks.
  • If you encounter an impaired driver on the road, keep a safe distance and ask a passenger to call 911 (or pull over to a safe location to make the call yourself).
  • Remember: prescriptions, over-the-counter medications and  illegal drugs also can impair your ability to drive safely.
  • Always buckle up, avoid distractions, and practice patience behind the wheel this holiday season.
  • Please designate a sober driver this Christmas week. If you happen to forget, at least call a sober person to pick you up from the police station or if you get the call make sure you haven’t been drinking to pick up your friend(s).

Source: News.Delaware.Gov website Check out the Consequences for DUI in Delaware