TR Bio PictureA mild-mannered, father of two, living in Middletown.  He’s good with numbers and trains high school soccer kids.  Sounds like the average nice guy, right?  The neighbor you chat with after the school play, or who want on your weekend softball team perhaps?  Well, this guy is all that and more. How many “average nice guys” do you know who have helped raise TWO MILLION or so bucks for a LOCAL charity?  Or who have created one of the most successful and popular sporting events in the state?  Or who have jump-started a financial planning company? Not many, we’re guessing.

Todd Roselle is such a guy. 2014 Top 10 Mover & Shaker and People’s Choice Winner too.

ndh-movers-and-shakers-Celebration 2014

DE Mud Run Jr.

DE Mud Run Jr.

Todd is the co-founder of the Delaware Mud Run & Delaware Mud Run, Jr., an annual “race” that challenges 4-person teams to overcome a boot-camp style obstacle course mired in…wait for it…MUD!  100% of the money raised goes to The Leukemia Research Foundation of Delaware, which has donated over $2 million~ $1 million to St. Jude’s Hospital and over $1 million to AI DuPont to support research, via this event.  He’s also the creator of the Delaware Economic Summit, whose goal is to educate business owners from Rehoboth to North Wilmington about the state’s economy.  This “average guy”  also happens to be the youngest member ever to sit on the Board of Directors for the Community Powered Federal Credit Union. Pretty cool, right?

“Todd is always thinking of the next big thing. He loves people and connecting their interests with other influencers. He started his own financial planning company because he knew he could do it better. His confidence and willingness to “go big or go home” amazes me every day.”

– Stephanie Roselle, Social Butterfly + Todd’s Wife

todd group

Q & A with TODD

NDH: What achievements are you most proud of?

Todd: Raising two girls in this crazy world. At their young ages of 10 and 7, they are respectful, considerate and best of all, they make good decisions.

NDH: Can you share any stories about how your involvement has impacted an individual or the North Delaware community?

Todd: I’ve grown up here in Northern Delaware. Through the years, I’ve been fortunate to be involved in many things. I’ve met a ton of people by planting roots here. I’ve had the opportunity to spend time in the “social scene”, the business community and also in the community where I live. One thing that sticks out to me as a member of this community, is my involvement with the St. Elizabeth’s High School soccer team. I’ve had the opportunity to stay involved over the last 20 years since I graduated and still have kids (who aren’t really kids anymore), stop me in public and say “hey, aren’t you coach Todd? You ran some fitness sessions when I was at St. E’s for the soccer team.” They all pretty much say the same thing…”those sessions were so hard, but I felt so good after we finished. That’s the impression/impact that I wish I could have on everyone!

Photo 2014 with MarkellNDH: Movers & Shakers are visionaries.  What projects are you working on for future achievement?

Todd: The biggest project we have been working on is the Delaware Economic Summit. The Summit is on April 22nd and 23rd at the Wilmington Westin Hotel on the Riverfront. We have an unbelievable line-up of Delawareans on our panels and it should be an amazing couple of days.

I think he is one of the most forward thinking entrepreneurs in Delaware. We have him to thank for the Delaware Mud Run and the Delaware Economic Summit. Those are two very important events in Delaware. I have no doubt that he will play a large role in shaping Delaware’s future both economically and socially.

– Bobby Downing, Founder of the Delware Sports League

NDH: Have you faced any serious challenges along the way that you would like to share?

Todd: Who hasn’t? Everyone has challenges and mine are probably no different. The biggest thing for me is to be as reasonable and rational as possible when faced with big challenges. Most importantly, I want to learn something so that I can deal with the next challenge better than I dealt with the last. Reflection on personal experience and also walking through those circumstances with a personal coach has really helped me grow over the years.

IMG_3498NDH: What local organizations, events or clubs are you currently involved with?

Todd: Crossfit First State in Middletown, Lifehouse Church, Delaware Mud Run, Delaware Mud Run, Jr., Delaware Economic Summit and the Community Powered Federal Credit Union Board.

NDH: What attracted you to these organizations?

Todd: As an adult, I find myself really caring about others more and more. I have a greater appreciation for things and these groups all have people involved who really care. They care about their mission, they care about their purpose, they care about who they help, they care about others, they appreciate people. Deep down people are truly good and I try to surround myself with others who have a positive outlook.

IMG_2749NDH: Do you have a mentor?

Todd: In the truest form, probably not. However, I find myself trying to pull from those who I admire all of the time. Some of my “mentors” don’t even realize they are truly mentors to me. There are successful business people who I spend time with that I admire and try to pull some knowledge out of them from time to time. There are friends who I view as mentors who have dealt with tremendous challenges yet their outlook is still tremendously positive. If I can just pick up little things from these people along the way and apply their philosophies to my life, I think I can be a better person because of that.

NDH: Is there anything else that North Delaware should know about YOU?

Todd: You should hug the people around you…more. Appreciate life!


MoversShakersDelaware2014 Top 10NDH: How do you feel about being named as one of the Top 10 Movers & Shakers in North Delaware?

Todd Roselle, People's Choice &  Mover & Shaker Top 10 Winner

Todd Roselle, People’s Choice & Mover & Shaker Top 10 Winner

Todd: It’s definitely pretty neat. To think that others feel I’m doing something worth recognizing is humbing. Many of the things I’m involved with comes from wanting to do something fun like, the Mud Run, and helping people along the way. For the Delaware Economic Summit, the thought process there was that we don’t really have an economic focused forum where you can hear from the people we rub elbows with every day. There are some impressive people here and they are all willing to share. If others believe those things are worthy of recognition then that’s pretty cool.



What’s Happening Next with Todd Roselle?

De Mud Run Jr KidDe mud run JRMud Run Jr.

Thursday June 11, 2015 @ 4:30pm
@Frightland – Middletown, DE

The Delaware Mud Run, Jr is a 1.5 mile race with boot camp style obstacles that have been surrounded by or consisting of mud. Everyone cheers as kid participants slip, slide, and slosh their way to victory. It is a unique experience whether running or watching! Registration is OPEN. Find out more, here.

Mud Run ToddmudrunlogoDelaware Mud Run

Winner~ Happening List 2015 ~ Everything: Fundraiser

Sunday, September 20, 2015
@Frightland – Middletown, DE

The Delaware Mud Run is a 5K race with boot camp style obstacles that have been surrounded by or consisting of mud. People cheer as Adult participants slip, slide, and slosh their way to victory. It is a unique experience whether running or watching! Find out more, here.


Check out the Top 10 Movers & Shakers DE 2014 Video, featuring Todd Roselle.

Movers & Shakers DE 2014 Top 10 Celebration from CineMavericks Media LLC on Vimeo.

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