NorthDelaWHEREHappening celebrates 4 fabulous and vivacious years of bringing “What’s Happening & WHERE” to North Delaware, New Castle County! Simply put, that’s 1,460 days, 35,050 hours, 2,103,050 minutes or 126,183,038 seconds but who’s counting? All priceless happening moments.NorthDelaWHEREHappening Celebrates 4 Years of What's Happening & WHERE

NorthDelaWHEREHappening Celebrates 4 Years

Flashback to Thursday, December 7, 2011

Candy Cane Cocktail - Making Spirits BrightIn the anticipation of Delaware Day celebrations, two Delaware natives(yes born and raised) scramble to decide what will be their first article to launch a brand new hyper-local digital magazine focused on New Castle County, North Delaware. With so many hot topics from which to choose, how does one soon-to-be happening duo select the first ever topic? And the winner ->  Making Spirits Bright. My, my how appropriate… a spirited theme. When we launched this digital magazine, our primary vision was simply to spotlight everything happening and POSITIVE  in our local communities – food, drinks, events, festivals, people, places, organizations, businesses – all that, produced by locals for locals about the local area. We know you have a lot of media choices and we are thrilled that you have chosen to hang with NDH.

Why December 7th?Delaware Day December 7th

It’s good to be first. We were presented with the idea earlier in the year by digital guru’s and sisters, Angela Giovine & Tina Paparone, cofounders of When we pondered on just when was the right moment to launch – a BLUE light went off. First state, first star. Hey, that’s it! What better way to celebrate than with the pomp and circumstance of the birthday of this great first state, Delaware? And so it happened, another small wonder was born on Delaware Day, December 7th . Plus selfishly, we knew the date would be easily remembered (by us, call it our ulterior motive). HAPPY 228th BIRTHDAY DELAWARE!

dela_where_shirt DelawareWhy “DelaWHERE”?

Next question we get periodically – why “DelaWHERE” and not “Delaware”? As you can imagine, we toyed and tinkered with a lot of brand names. We wanted something unique and catchy but one that was also loyal to our roots. The play on words is tributed to our childhood years spent at the Delaware beaches where in every T-shirt shop window you could find a “DelaWHERE” iron on proudly displayed. Simple as that – the thought of it brought back happy memories and so it stuck.

Why Digital Only?

The Millennials reading this will understand why. Digital has so many advantages to connect with you, our locals, unlike any other medium.  You tell us how you feel, what inspires you, what compells you and you share it. That’s invigorating! You know, it’s the same as when you can’t wait to post that “it” picture to facebook – you caption it, edit it and then BAM w.a.i.t. for it — watch for the shares and likes you’ll gain. It’s addictive to say the least. We thrive to see what local hot topics are of interest to YOU.  One important caveat – we try to stick to positive content only. That’s what’s important to us – just good positive content – there’s plenty of outlets to get the alternative. Plus, digital means we’re GREEN {even though we’re blue} – good for the environment ya know. Always a plus.

Fast Forward to December 7, 2015

Thank YOU!

We are so grateful to have this opportunity to bring you what’s happening and where and for your loyalty, connections and viewership!  As small business owners, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for coming into our every day and experiencing with us the greatness that North Delaware, New Castle County, has to offer. We especially want to thank our family and friends for enduring our long hours behind the devices digitizing the happenings. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Wherever you are, we raise a glass to thank you – CHEERS to 4 amazing years!

All our best,

Tracy Zigman & Suzy Casey-happening publishers


Highlights thru the years…

Suzy & Tracy IMG_20150409_122151970 ndh-banner-3ftx6ft-v5_FINAL NorthDelaWHEREHappening Happening_SuzyCasey_TracyZigman NorthDelaWHEREHappening NDH at Blue Rocks Starting Lineup 2014 NDH with Santa Hat EVE 2012 Couples NDH BASH PIX 120712 -13 NDH BASH PIX 120712 - Toast NDH BASH PIX 120712 - T&S NDH Angels NDH 1st Bash Suzy Casey NDH BASH PIX 120712 - 4 NDH Birthday Bash at Firestone Wilmington Riverfront Dec 7, 2012 Blue Carpet Bash PhotoBooth FUN IconDJs Happening List 2015 Happening List 2015 Happening List 2015 Happening List 2015 2014 BASH FUN! North Delaware Happening List Bash Video Preview Blue Carpet Bash Candids_Patty Dean Photography Blue Carpet Bash Candids_Patty Dean Photography Blue Carpet Bash Candids_Patty Dean Photography Blue Carpet Bash Candids_Patty Dean Photography  Happening List 2015 Happening List 2015 Happening List 2015 Happening List 2015 happlist sugarhill photography 25 Happening List 2015 Happening List 2015 Happening List 2015 Happening List 2015 Happening List 2015 NorthDelaWHEREHappeningcom Calendar of Events American Cancer Society Making Strides for Breast Cancer 5k Wilmington, DE Movers Shakers Delaware2014 Suzy & Tracy NDH BASH PIX 120712 - SuzyQ2 Suzy and Matt New Years Day Bar Crawl 2011 Christa and Suzy laughing 100 434 410 412 401 310 Blue Carpet Bash 199 SugarHill Photography


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