Santa caught in the act 4 years years in a row heading for the rooftop near Rockford Park in Wilmington – at the intersection of Rockford, Red Oak and Gilpin Avenues. This house is one of our favorite holiday traditions – the anticpation of seeing just how far Santa will go each year, priceless. Maybe next year he’ll hit the roof?

Coming soon to a house near you! Happy Ho, ho, holidays!

Santa caught in the act, again!


Santa Rockford Park Wilmington Delaware 2015


Santa spotted heading for the rooftop near Rockford Park in Wilmington, Delaware

Santa Rockford Park Wilmington Delaware 2014


We caught Santa creeping out of North Delaware. This might be one of the most creatively dressed homes of the 2013 Holiday Season. Near Rockford Park in Wilmington. Happy Holidays!

Santa on the rooftop Rockford park 2013 Wimington Delaware


Santa spotted creeping up the balcony in Rockford Park Wilmington, Delaware. Coming to a house near you…

Santa in Rockford Park Wilmington Delaware

Happy Holidays!