Top 10 Gifts for TeensChristmas shopping can be tricky, especially when you’re trying to pick out gifts for teens. They are picky and each have their own style and taste. It can be overwhelming for sure. Where do you shop? How much should you spend? What’s cool? Well here is a list of 10 highly demanded Christmas gifts for teens.

Apple Watch#1 Apple Watch

There are a few types of Apple Watches which include the Apple Sport, Apple Watch, and the Apple Edition. You can customize the band, color, and the overall look of the watch. This gift is pricey! The minimum you’ll pay is around $350. If the teenager you are buying for already has an Apple Watch you can look at some of the watches’ accessories. The Apple Store has charging docks, Bluetooth headphones, and heart rate monitors that go with them. This is a great gift for really any teenager. It can help them keep track of events on their calendar: the weather, the time, daily activity, music, and much more.

#2 Fitbit & or Fitbit Accessories

A Fitbit is great for an active teenager! It can keep track of how much exercise they are getting, the amount of sleep, stairs climbed, heart rate, and has features such as caller identification, text notifications, and GPS tracking. Each one has unique capabilities and styles. The price range of these can be anywhere between $60 and $250, depending on the features. Each Fitbit comes in a range of colors. If the teenager you are shopping for already has a Fitbit consider the accessories! You could choose from the sporty options Fitbit has to offer or go for something a little bit more fashionable with the Tory Burch Fitbit accessories. Tory Burch offers stylish bracelets and pendants to dress up the device .

Lokai#3 Lokai Bracelet

Lokai Bracelets represent the highs and lows of life. The black bead contains mud from the dead sea, while the white bead contains water from Mount Everest. It is a symbol of finding balance. This bracelet is commonly seen on kids wrists and can be for anyone. They come in all types of colors but the most common is the clear beads since they will match anything. They run a range of charities that you can check out on the website. You can purchase the Limited Edition pack for $118 which includes five bracelets representing five causes under one belief: together, we can make a difference. Each classic bracelet costs $18 and most kids want what is called a 3-stack which is three bracelets worn together. Check your local gift shops, like, Heart & Home and Christina’s Unique Accessories.

#4 Beats

Beats by Dre have become an extremely popular style. They include headphones, earphones, and speakers. Headphones and earphones can be wireless depending on the product you choose and each one comes with a selection of colors. The beat speakers, also known as beat pills, are portable, have Bluetooth, and come in all colors. The average you’ll be paying for these are around $200 to $300. They are great gifts with high quality sound and are a big part of many teens fashion statements.

Birch Box#5 Birchbox

This is an outstanding Christmas gift if you aren’t sure what style the teens you are shopping for have. A Birchbox can be a one time gift or a monthly subscription that gets shipped to whomever you want. It is also a good gift to consider if you are shopping for someone who lives far away that you won’t see on Christmas. There are girl and boy options that can include choices between makeup, home & food, tools, and fragrance. You can choose your price range and options such as stocking stuffers, gifts $25 and under, gifts $50 and over, or you can choose to give them a 3 to 12 month subscription. It is a neat, personalized gift with no hassle shipping.

#6 Bean Boots

These are shoes made by L.L.Bean, also known as duck boots. There are styles made for both genders, but it is more aimed for guys. You can see teens wearing these all over the place. They are waterproof, warm, and comfy and are priced between $90 and $300. They are new on the fashion scene (to our generation anyway!) that has become admired by many kids.

#7 Kylie Lip Kit

This is the new craze for girls created by Kylie Jenner. It has sold-out dozens of times, but not to worry because they are constantly restocking. You can choose between three different colors: Candy K, True Brown K, and Dolce K. Each kit gives a matte finish that is in style for teenagers and is only $30. If you can get your hands on one don’t miss taking advantage of the opportunity!

#8 Go Pro

GoPro is a camera that is perfect for anyone who travels or likes to take videos and pictures everywhere they go. This camera has superior quality and is easy to carry. Cameras can be priced anywhere from $130 to $500. Of course any of these cameras will do a fantastic job and there is no pressure to spend over $500 for a nicer one. These cameras come with many different accessory choices including mounts, straps, and rechargeable batteries. There are many different accessories based on the sports or activities your teenager enjoys. Check out the starter package, here or select from a checklist of activities and GoPro will show you the appropriate gear needed.

Scratch Map#9 Scratch Map

For teenagers who like to travel, try this map that allows them to scratch off places they have been.  Each place they scratch off turns a different color. It is a great gift for teens who plan on traveling. Maps are usually under $40 and come in colors such as black or tan.

#10 Cards Against Humanity

Most people have heard about this funny game. It is somewhat inappropriate so make sure the person you are buying for is a little bit older and mature. It is a great card game that they can use with friends and most people love this gift. It is only $25, and will give them hours of laughter!
These are some of the most popular gifts demanded by teenagers this year. Of course, if you don’t think these gifts are for your teenager, everyone loves getting gift cards to their favorite stores or extra cash.
See each product’s official website for details on features and costs.