What Happens in North DelaWHERE...Did you know the famous Las Vegas Motto…” What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas ” will now be shared with a new slogan “Every City has a Soul”?

Yes the Votes are in… Las Vegas’ City slogan is officially “Every City has a Soul”.  In October, the LV city residents voted.  The new slogan will be added to downtown marketing campaigns and now competes with (or compliments) the famed Visitor’s version “What Happens Here, Stays Here.”

We don’t have to be Las Vegas to have a notable motto…in fact, there is some fabulous soul happening right here in North Delaware communities of all sizes.

That is…they’re also enjoying the perks of marketing and promotions with the possibility of attracting visitors, new residents, businesses, etc. Even some of the smallest ND towns & neighborhoods have jumped on the bandwagon to create anticipated destinations –some easier to find than others.

How Many Do You Know?

  • New Castle County – The First County in the First State
  • Arden – You are Welcome Hither
  • Centreville – A National Historical District
  • Claymont – Preserving our past, Improving our present, Protecting our future
  • Delaware City – Port of History
  • Elsmere – A Wonderful Place to Live
  • Newark – Service Excellence
  • Newport – Crossroads of Commerce
  • Middletown – Honesty & Integrity are the First Order of Business
  • Smyrna – a place where the past co-exists pleasantly with the present while diligently preparing to leap into the future
  • Wilmington – A Place to Be Some Body & The Corporate Capital of the World
  • Delaware has several… The First State; The Small Wonder; Home of Tax-Free Shopping; Blue Hen State; The Diamond State; It’s Good Being First; Liberty and Independence

Ever wonder what’s in a state, city, town or county’s motto, slogan, tagline or nickname? How did it come to fruition? Was it based on history, pride, or just plain business?  Does your North Delaware neighborhood or town have a motto, slogan or tagline that we missed or are you looking for creative development establishing one? Let us know! Send email to [email protected]