Beer, Beer & More Beer!

Men want many things, but  Beer is a pretty good place to start!  When in doubt think Beer, it doesn’t matter the occasion: Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or Birthday something beer related is a pretty safe bet. When you start to think about all the options; Beer Dinners, Coolers, Growlers, Bottle Openers, Brewery Tours etc… your head could spin. The fact of the matter is that you could get away with as little as a 6 pack or go for The Beer of the Month Club either way he’ll be one happy guy!

The world according to Homer Simpson, “Beer: The cause of, and solution to, all of life’s problems”.




A guide to Beer Gifts for Your Guy

From the fabulous to the ridiculous, for the home brewer or the connoisseur; there’s something here for everyone & this is just the beginning.  Check back for more Holiday Beer Gift Ideas and a list of upcoming beer events. I haven’t noticed many scheduled for January and February, but we will suggest gift cards the places most known for their beer dinners and events.  As always, please comment if you have any suggestions.


How about a trip to Twin Lakes Brewing Co.?  That’s the gift of a great experience; he’ll get a Tour of the Brewery, History of Beer, Tasting of the Goods (which includes cheese) & he can he even bring home a Growler for later!  This is something you can do together or you can have an afternoon to yourself;)




 Look out… it’s the triple threat.  

How about a gift card to Buffalo Wild Wings?  The best place to go when you’re not a Philly sports fan. With an all-inclusive fan base you can sit back and enjoy the wide variety of wing flavors, beer selections & all the games you want to watch.  BONUS; for every $25 in gift cards purchased you will receive one Blazin’ Bonus card, while supplies last.  Blazin’Bonus cards are worth anywhere from $5 to $100 the fun part is that the value of the card can only be determined by visiting a BWW location within the valid redemption dates: Jan. 1st-Feb. 15th.  Limit of 4 cards per person.  Keep in mind; there’s no law saying that you have to give the Blazin Bonus Card away, keep it for yourself & say “Happy Holiday to Me”!



Personalized Beer Holder


I can see it now, everyone will be sporting these to Point to Point next year.  This is perfect gift for the guy who has everything and I mean everything.  I love the idea of giving the unexpected and this is looking irresistible especially at the sale price of $29.95 from Red Envelope.


Remote Control Cooler

This is great for tailgating , the beach, partying in your back yard & Point to Point of course.  The zippered lid keeps the cold in and pests and moochers out.


Home Brew Kit; what guys doesn’t want to know how to make his own beer?  It’s such a Manly thing to do!  There’s plenty of differnet ones to choose from so just google and choose the one you like best.  Perfect idea if you don’t live with the person you are buying it for, the brewing process has a tendency to create a distinct odor.

What man doesn’t want to be a super hero, right? Can you picture your boyfriend, brother or father in this?



Beer Of the Month Club



Perfect for the Beer Geeks in your Life!