My True Love Gave to Me…12 days of christmas - Delaware

9 Merry Mustache’s

Mustache’s? Are they  just a craze or here to stay?  That is the question.  Well, one thing is for sure, if you went out and got yourself the finger mustache tattoo, it’s here to stay for you!

ALL things Mustache…

If you’re looking for some fun trendy gifts for your friends or significant other, you need not look far.  There are several fabulous gift shops in the area that you’ll be sure to find what you’re looking for.  Most of the items below were found at francesca’s on the Kennett Pike in Greenville.  Francesca’s Boutique is chock full of fun fabulous “gifty” items as well as beautiful clothes, jewelrey and accessories.


[photospace use_paging]Message from francesca’s…Shopping at francesca’s® is like finding a gem. Because we’re a boutique, we only carry limited quantities of specially handpicked items so you don’t have to worry about bumping into someone at a party with the same dress as you. The best part is that our prices make everything easy to say yes to, so you know you’ll always find something ah-mazing!

Every time you walk into a francesca’s® it’s like a whole new experience because we literally get new things in every day. Make sure you look in every nook and cranny because there is always something new to discover in every part of the boutique.

You’ll probably find yourself coming in often to see all the latest items. We love that, because we love taking care of you! Just like the treasures you’ll find at our boutique, we value our customers as well! It’s important to us that there’s always someone there to help you find that special something.

P.S. Get to know us better! We love hearing from you so leave us questions, comments, heart, pins, and tweets!

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