NDH is on the Pursuit of WOW!

Bam, Pow, WOW! Where’s the WOW North Delaware? The Pursuit of WOW is all about the experience of fabulous customer service(FCS). The first line of the book “The Pursuit of Wow” by Tom Peters captures our point “Being average has never had much appeal.” We aren’t settling for average or status quo and neither should you.  So please, do tell. Where have you experienced that WOW factor in North Delaware? Maybe it was so incredible you thought you were being Punk’d? Those service individuals or companies who have gone above and beyond with service, advice, guidance and/or kindness at the perfect time. Contractors, Restaurants, Retailers, Utilities, Physicians, Nurses, Hotels, etc. You name it – any industry, any service(well we do have a few limits that shall remain nameless) – we want to know about your FCS experience.  Those that provide FCS, just because – it’s what they do, it’s who they are, they understand you – the customer. In this on-demand instantaneous ME generation, WOW is more important than ever to achieve and even more in order to retain great customers.

We are recruiting YOU – North Delawareans. Tell us where those places are in North Delaware – where you’ve experienced jaw dropping, way above average, 5 star rated, customer service.  From Smyrna to Claymont, Delaware City to Hockessin and everywhere in between. That service which simply left you thinking OMG WOW?!?!?!   Even more, we want you to reap the ultimate rewards of our Pursuit. We’ll share every WOW we get with you, our incredible NDH fans and the service providers too.  So come on…let’s Shazam those worthy of WOW! (Shazam is a magic word capable of being used by select individuals to transform from ordinary humans into superhumans) Do you have the power? Let’s do this.

Tell us about your experience!

What company? Where & when was it, who served you, why was is so WOW?

Send us an email to [email protected] with subject line of WOW.