Movie-Medal-WinnerFrom bobsled racing to couples skating from spoofs to the real deal here are some of our favorite Winter Olympic Movies to keep the spirit going!  Some made us laugh, some made us cry and some made us down right proud.  We’re ready for a Winter Olympic Movie Marathon…how about you?

Our favorites in no particular order:

Cool-Runnings-MovieCool Runnings

Cool Runnings is based on the true story of the first bobsledding team from Jamaica making it to the Olympics. Starring an all time favorite funny man, John Candy



The story is about the 1980 United States men’s winter Olympic hockey team beating the Soviet team (who was the favorite to win) and winning the GOLD in the 1980 Winter Olympics~ this was dubbed the Miracle on Ice.


Ice-Castles-MovieIce Castles

It is the story of a figure skater named Alexis “Lexie” Winston and her rise and fall from super stardom.  Lexie loses her sight after a freak skating accident leaving her depressed and withdrawn.  Lexie eventually comes around and you’ll have to watch to find out the rest.

cutting-edge-movieThe Cutting Edge (the first one was the best, but two & three are pretty good too!)

A spoiled rich Olympic figure skater has exhausted all her partner possibilities because of her attitude, meets her match with an Ex Olympic Hockey player.  The two are paired together to compete in the 16th Winter Olympics.


blades of gloryBlades Of Glory

Rival men skaters decide to pair up to skate as the first-ever same-sex pairs team, because the regulations fail to state the genders of the pairs.


men-with-brooms-2Men With Brooms

An offbeat comedy about a curling team from a small Canadian town that reunites to win the Championship in honor of their late coach.