One of the best parts of publishing is undoubtedly the people we meet. Some of our most fullfilling moments are warm connected thanks to social media. We found the spectacular captures of a beautiful soul, Tamika Shuler-Boyd (aka @photosbymika) while perusing instagram. Tamika has a beautiful eye on Delaware and so we couldn’t resist reaching out to her to learn more. A new resident to Middletown, Tamika agreed to allow us to spotlight her personal captures as she documents her new life in the first state. Please join us in giving Tamika a warm welcome to Delaware! All our gratitude to you!

Enjoy the view and her story.

Meet the Photographer

tamika shuler boyd_photographer

Tamika Shuler Boyd

Tamika Shuler-Boyd

I grew up in a small town in northern New Jersey, called Irvington – a classic catholic school bred Jersey girl. I later relocated to central NJ, where I eventually started my family,  married my high school sweetheart and became a proud mom of a now 10 year old daughter. I studied Sociology at Kean University and have been blessed to have a great career over the last 16 years working for one of the largest financial firms in the world.

Photography by Tamika Shuler_Boyd North Delaware 2015

Riverfront, Delaware City – This is one of my favorite captures, it reminds of a painting

So how did I land in Delaware?

After years of taking annual family trips south via the Delaware Memorial Bridge, I would have never imagined I would eventually live here. Like many, I literally thought of Delaware as the 30 minute pass through between New Jersey and Maryland. Last year, some of our close friends relocated to Kent County, Delaware.  We paid them a visit and from then on, we were in love with Delaware. Spending countless weekends driving down to get to know the area, I was immediately awestruck by the natural beauty of the state – the farm lands, the history, the food and of course, the people. We finally settled on Middletown – which offered the perfect balance for us with a great central location, quaint downtown, and top-ranked schools.

Photography by Tamika Shuler_Boyd North Delaware 2015 Delaware City

Riverfront, Delaware City – What I love most about this photo is the colors and the calmness of the water. The sun was beginning to set.

I knew very quickly Delaware would become my favorite place to photograph. I was introduced to photography at a young age by my late aunt, Doretha Wood who sadly passed away earlier this year after a heroic battle with cancer. Every family or special event, aunt Doretha would have her camera in hand. She always printed her photos too, which is somewhat lost today. And she always said, “if you take a picture, you will never forget that moment”. From then on, I became obsessed with capturing different places, things, and people. I enjoy all facets of photography from candid photos at family gatherings to photojournalism. And I firmly believe, a picture is truly worth a thousand words.

Photography by Tamika Shuler_Boyd North Delaware 2015 Lums Pond State Park Bear

Lums Pond State Park, Bear – This is a picture of the sunset over the pond

Over the last few months, I have explored and photographed some awesome places throughout New Castle County. I am proud to share some with you via As a self-proclaimed foodie, one of my favorite weekly places to visit is the Dutch Farmers Market in Middletown. They make the best pretzels and doughnuts I have ever tasted. What’s more , they offer a large variety of fresh meats, cheeses/salads and fresh produce by Snyder’s. If you’re looking for a great fresh breakfast, lunch or dinner – they have you covered even a monthly pig roast. My next favorite place is Lums Pond State Park, in Bear. This place is stunning and massive, offering trails, boating, picnicing, fishing, horseback riding and even a zip line! Speaking of parks, another family favorite is Carousel Park. This is your full service county park with all the amenities – including a dog park, equestrian center, and a seasonal farmers market. When I want to just relax, take in some of the scenery and get some good photographs, I head over to Augustine Beach, in Middletown and Delaware City. I absolutely enjoy the ride up the coast on SR-9.

Photography by Tamika Shuler_Boyd North Delaware 2015 Augustine Beach Middletown

Augustine Beach, Middletown – One of my favorite things to capture is movement, it allows the eye to really take in what usually happens in fractions of a second

I really look forward to exploring and photographing new areas of Northern Delaware and sharing them with you. Please follow my journey on Instagram @photosbymika.

“Now when I get to the Delaware Memorial Bridge, I won’t say I’m almost home, I will say I am home.” Tamika

Photography by Tamika Shuler_Boyd North Delaware 2015 Sunset DE Memorial Bridge

Delaware Memorial Bridge, Delaware – This photo has some sentimental value because it was taken at the end of our final moving day. It was the last time, I was leaving New Jersey as a resident. I always admire the sky colors and cloud formations in Delaware.


Thank You & Welcome Tamika

For capturing the beauty of Delaware and sharing with us!