If you’re of the Jewish faith and your son is on his way to turning thirteen, you are undoubtedly already planning his Bar Mitzvah. This is an exciting time that should be a memorable experience, helping your son build a lasting bond with the Jewish faith. Many Mitzvah parties today, though, not only celebrate the journey into manhood, but they do so in style with a themed party.

Choose a theme that reflects your son’s interests or personality. If your son is passionate about cars, for example, consider incorporating a racing theme into the party. Here are a few ideas to help you decorate the Bar Mitzvah party space:

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    Name each table after a different type of car, or mark the table numbers with highway signs.

  • Incorporate black and white checkered streamers throughout the space. Use them as napkin rings. Line the tables with them. Place checkered flags in the centerpieces.
  • Hang a banner over the entrance that reads “Audi Alleyway,” or personalize it with your son’s name instead.
  • If you’re offering a buffet-style dinner, call it the Mercedes Munch Zone.
  • Invite your guests to lift your son for the hora on the Ferrari Fever Dance Floor.
  • Place chrome accents throughout the party space. Put drinks into silver buckets. Serve food on silver charger plates.

Other popular Bar Mitzvah theme ideas include luau, Broadway, Wild West, and Hollywood. Despite the theme, though, the Bar Mitzvah should be about one thing: your son.  So choose a theme that suits your budget and reflects something about which your son is passionate.

Bar Mitzvah parties can span anywhere from a low-key celebration to an all-out extravaganza worthy of an MTV “My Super Sweet Sixteen” spinoff. No matter what type of Bar or Bat Mitvah you want to throw, choose a venue that can accommodate your theme.

The Warehouse at EBE offers the party space, in addition to entertainment, gaming, videography, and more. Contact them today at 888-323-2263 and get started on planning the most exciting celebration in your son’s young life.

Mazel tov!




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