saving-guide-1050x700Google image search the words “first home” and you will find lots of fabulous photos of smiling couples purchasing their first home. What you won’t find, though, are photos of a single woman completing the same accomplishment.

Well, at 27 years old, that’s exactly what I’m doing- celebrating the purchase of my first home! Here’s four things that made it possible…


Yes, the show! The show itself didn’t actually help me buy my house, but it was living with the show’s biggest fans that did the trick. My former roommates, who I often refer to as Mom and Dad, love that show. They watch it every Tuesday night at 8PM and usually one or two daily reruns~it’s their favorite. Personally, I don’t get it and I used to complain about it, but then one day I realized that my roommates were letting me live there rent free, so I should just keep my mouth shut and pretend to like the show. For those of you who might be moving back home this spring after graduation, let me give you the background, since your new roomies will probably love this show too. Someone usually dies (typically someone who has something to do with the Navy) and it takes this elite team of agents only 45 minutes to figure out ‘who done it’. There’s the token tough guy, nerdy emotional-softy, quirky tech girl and the ever popular, silver fox. There’s a little comedy mixed in and they always crack the case. Don’t complain about having to watch this show, it saves you money.


I shopped there. Yes, I could have shopped at Macy’s or Nordstroms and I could have made a monthly trip to the Black and White Market, but instead, I chose stores like Old Navy and Target. I still have nice stuff, but I didn’t break the bank trying to look fancy all the time. Instead of dressing like a sophisticated socialite, I look like a middle class, hardworking 20 something. Which is cool, considering that’s what I am.


I ate ’em… a lot. I didn’t go out to fancy dinners or order take out every night. Instead, I cooked (or ate my roommates cooking) and then the next day, I ate it again. It’s a big money saver. Eating last night’s dinner for today’s lunch does get old sometimes, but a trip to Panera costs roughly $10. Do that 5 days a week and your $50 poorer. Eat your leftovers, kids!

I took jobs…all jobs

My first job post college wasn’t exactly glamorous. It involved me working until 11:00pm four nights a week and every other weekend and holiday. I had to do things I never wanted to and miss out on a lot of  really great times, but that job led to another, which led to another, which eventually got me where I am today. It wasn’t the job I thought I would have, or the one I wanted, but I took it and I did it to the best that I could. I also never turned down an opportunity to make a little extra cash, as long as it was legal.

I dog sat, house sat, babysat, organized offices and cleaned houses. I never turned down the chance to make some extra money and when I earned it, I saved it.

The only thing that’s changed since becoming a homeowner is NCIS. I haven’t watched it since I moved.