Single-In-The SuburbsIt’s hot out there! So, please excuse me while as I fan myself and gulp down this gallon of water. I love the heat, but this humidity is a bit much. I hope everyone is staying cool and enjoying their summer vacations.

Things are still going strong on my end since my last Single in the Suburbs entry with the photographer, the perfect date. The photographer & I have been enjoying our date nights, which have included a show in the big city to see Wicked, a visit his parents new home and we even spent a lovely day in Rockford Park.  Romantic, right?

One of the most memorable evenings was the night he took me to a cute restaurant in the city, where we wined and dined and of Couple-on-a-datecourse, people watched! It seems to be a favorite thing to do for us both, because it’s not only free, it’s highly entertaining.

I must share though~ on the way to the restaurant I had a majorly embarassing moment.  I was wearing a nice dress to match the occasion and, being a suburban girl with little experience walking through the city, I had my very first “Marilyn Monroe moment”; yes you guessed it, my skirt blew up walking over the subway grate and all the people behind me got quite a show! Unfortuantely, my skirt blowing incident wasn’t quite as graceful or as glamorous as Miss Monroe’s, but it was still funny. My date failed to witness this wonderful sight as he was actually engaged in our conversation and not focusing on my derrière- a great sign! (Although he did later admit that he was sorry he missed it.)

After laughing about what just happened, we sat down for a lovely dinner.  After the meal we walked across the street and sat on a bench where we could take in the night life and gaze into each others eyes (I know, I know- I’m really enjoying this steady dating thing!).

Across from us were these two guys who were discussing the women they were dating online. I overheard one of them say to the other, “I’ve been talking to this one girl, and she sounds great. She doesn’t want to get married. She has plenty of money, and she isn’t looking for someone to support her. She just wants to have fun. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to be alone the rest of my life.”

Ladies, that confirms it~there are guys out there looking for a commitment! After chuckling a bit from overhearing that, I then happened to hear some scuffling in the bushes behind us.  I was hoping for a cute little rabbit to pop out, instead two large rats came running out from under us. I swear I have never gotten up so fast in my life and I made a bee-line to the car down the street. That was enough of the city for one night!

I’m fortunate enough to say our dates have been both romantic and humorous, and most of all, we’re enjoying each others company.   I’m excited to see where this may take me~ you know it appears that I’ve been given his parents “stamp of approval” after having dinner with them. Who knows, I may not be single soon!