2The time has finally come where I am able to honestly write a post regarding a date that went perfectly smooth. If you’re here to read about another bad date you won’t be satisfied with this one. Let me first begin with how we met.

Last year I was asked for the first time to be in a wedding for one of my dearest friends. The wedding was last month and out of all the bridesmaids I was the only one without a husband,  fiancé or  boyfriend. Typical, I know!

As we’re getting ready the morning of the big day at the brides home we were soon introduced to the two photographers. Well, little did I know that my attraction to the one photographer would soon result in many dates. He struck me as a kind, sweet and caring gentleman with a firm handshake and nice camera gear. As the day progressed, I found myself attempting to talk to him, find out more about him and just admire his kind smile. Little did I know, he later told me, he was trying to do the exact same. At some point I expressed my interest in shooting weddings, and he asked for my number in case he ever needed a second shooter at a future wedding, but he obviously had an ulterior motive. I gladly handed him my info and he later emailed me that night.


Once he emailed me I had his first and last name so I did a quick “Facebook Stalk Search” and added him as a friend. I must confess I refreshed my phone a good 30 times to see if he had accepted it. (I’m insane; I know.)

Three hours later he accepted and we were soon messaging and texting. We planned for dinner and drinks that Friday night. I also told him about leaving my corporate job, and my PC vs MAC dilemma for my new computer. This dilemma led to our first outing as he proclaimed that Apple is the only way to go, and that he would gladly help me in my quest to find the perfect computer. And so he did.

He picked me up in his black Jeep and sexy aviator sunglasses and we headed to the Apple store to buy my new computer. The salesman at Apple thought we had been together for awhile, and as we explained we had only known each other for about a week he slapped my date a high five and said, “Wow, bringing a girl to an Apple store for the first date, you go man!” It was hilarious to watch and even more funny to see my date blush and smile.

After I bought my first MAC, we headed for dinner and drinks. There I saw the connection, felt the spark and truly knew I had something. This guy was funny, considerate, successful and very self-aware. All qualities I have been looking for in a man and couldn’t find. Since our first date we’ve gone on 10 more, and I have to say I am very excited for what is ahead and I’d like to see where this is going. A guy this good doesn’t cross one’s path very often so when it does, I’ll do anything to not let it go. Until next