It’s time for Graduation Celebrations!  High School, College, MBAs etc. Getting the ideal gift for a graduate can always be a challenge — we can help! Check out our Top 5 Gift Picks for Graduates…






Cash as Cash or a Check or Visa/MasterCard Gift Card is ideal. Who can say no to cash? Grads of any age have financial burdens. Right? From school loans and gas to just plain post-grad fun – Cash is King! Cash is the most desired gift among grads of any age for a many reasons! Cash can help college grads with the school loans they have to begin repaying and soon! Cash can assist with geographic moves whether for a new job or a new college location commute, and/or for that first official apartment. Lastly, grads can use the generous CASH gift for things they need to launch their professional career —  like electronics(new laptop or smart phone), a reliable car, a vacation before joining the “real world”, that new career wardrobe, and more!



Gadgets & techy gizmos are always a plus with grads of any age – who doesn’t love a new iPod, MP4, Digital Camera, Video Cam or other computer gadget or accessory?  High school students heading to college will need access to the Internet and a way to keep in touch with family and friends when they are away from home. Laptops are a great gift idea for homework, research, social networking and emailing. Or a mobile hotspot(MIFI) so they can access the internet from anywhere, anytime. Other gifting ideas…how about a prepaid phone card for calls home, a flash drive or an external hard drivefor storing files, cell phone accessories, or an iTunes gift card. Whatever the tech gift, you can’t go wrong…save the receipt just in case!




Just as fun as cash – giving grads the freedom to use when, where and how they wish-Gift Cards are always a fail proof option. Available in just about any denomination to fit your gift giving budget.  Choose from the practical gift card types like gas, coffee shops, convenience stores, book stores, office supply, wireless minutes or choose from the fun & necessities like restaurants, movies, clothing, spas, salons, big box department stores and more!





Still can’t decide? Grab a gift bag and fill it with all sorts of different items from above.  Plus you can include books for college life, inspirational works or a personal journal. A book on job hunting, letter writing and professional skills. Perhaps you might include a flash drive or blank CDs that will come in handy for storing documents such as homework assignments and reports. Notecards & stamps for writing home. And a few different gift cards. Create a theme!




#5 A JOB!

Of course, the best gift you could offer is a job. If that isn’t an option, consider the next best thing and most valuable providing new grads with a job lead, networking opportunities or some constructive professional advice or direction with resume writing. Become a mentor to a new grad. A mentor or coach is a great choice because your advice isn’t bound by time. Your advice and feedback is more dynamic, and easy to change if circumstances change. The transition is never easy but with a personal coach, the job hunt sure is easier.




Your grad will appreciate your gift of any kind and hopefully the above list makes your grad gift giving task easier.

Congratulations 2012 Grads!