Introducing: Molly Malloy.

Molly Malloy is a North Delaware native & 40 year old mother of 3. Molly recently gained a lot of local attention because of her appearance on the Dr. Oz “Hungry Girl” episodes. Over the past four years Molly has been fighting some mental and physical battles in an effort to find herself. Her story isn’t just about losing 169 pounds it’s about the journey of self-motivation, self-sacrifice and self-awareness both mentally and physically.

It’s about being able to face who people think you are and who you know yourself to be. We all struggle to find a healthier life but so few of us actually achieve it. I am just your average working mom who used normal resources and took control of my life to figure this journey to a healthy life change.

Knowledge is power and if I could eliminate the word diet from the world I would. A diet in its simplest form is setting you up for failure. People don’t realize when they start a diet that they have to stay on it for the rest of their lives in-order for it to work. It’s a lifestyle (for life) change not a fad diet that will get you where you want to be.

Her amazing journey has changed her life and she is an inspiration to others. Stay tuned for her weekly column, see the story unfold, be inspired and motivated by her acheivements.  Molly is committed to helping others live a better life. She will be sharing her experiences, menu ideas & also give you a healthy menu selection for your favorite restaurants weekly. Be sure to check in, make comments and ask questions.