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What a LOCAL empowering week this has been – watching a dear friend suffer from the sunset of breast cancer slowly taking her mother after a 15 year battle; experiencing the donation of a fully furnished mortgage free home to a deserving Military Veteran; gaining appreciation for marine life, food chains, life cycles and ecosystems at a local acquarium; experiencing green acts by a LOCAL entreprenurialist selling only environmentally friendly products; meeting a retired Wilmington firefighter proud to promote his squad and honoring his service; all followed by a bumper sticker tonight at an intersection on Pennsylvania Avenue screaming “BE THE CHANGE”. Everything does happen for a reason. Right?  Believe!

Come on North Delaware…LET’S BE THE CHANGE! How does one digest all the signals? You…Just DO it! Do the Impossible! Get INvolved! Live LIFE to the FULLEST!  Strive for the Best!  Don’t make excuses. Say your sorry and mean it! Be POSITIVE!

We live in an incredible territory, this state we call Delaware! There are so many fantastic people, efforts and organizations among us. We challenge you to BE THE CHANGE to make this an even more incredible place to live and be!


  • Say Hello, Good Morning, Good Afternoon or Good Evening to everyone you approach
  • Open a door(for the next person) without thought
  • Be kind to your neighbor(no matter how crazy or dramatic they may be)
  • Hold that Elevator
  • Say “Please & Thank You” always
  • Say “I Love You” to those you love – it’s ok to be the first!
  • Compliment someone randomly(ie: I like your shoes is safe)
  • Donate your time to a Charity or those in need(even if the need is simply time)
  • LISTEN to others, just listen – don’t talk shhhhh…..
  • Pick up the phone and call someone(forget email & texting just this once)
  • If you are with someone, be 110% with them – put away the cell phone, smart phone, laptop, etc
  • Tell a child you think they are Fantastic, Smart, Beautiful and repeat, repeat, repeat
  • Pay a toll or buy a coffee for the person behind you
  • Stop complaining. Start complimenting(watch the effects)
  • Let someone pass you on the road
  • Let someone WIN
  • Let someone have the last word(what really does it mean?)
  • Thank a policeman, firefighter, EMT, Military service member, teacher, doctor, nurse, social worker, etc for their service to our community & our country!

Enjoy the satisfaction and fulfillment of each and every RANDOM ACT OF KINDNESS you commit!


Every life is a story, make yours a best seller. The only disability in life is a bad attitude.

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