by: Alyson Komyanek

If this summer is anything like last, it’s going to be a scorcher. Long hot days are great if you’re at the beach, but not if you’re just sitting around in your hot apartment. Sure, you could turn on the air conditioning (if you’re lucky enough to have it) or spend the day by the pool, but not all of us have the cash to pay that high electric bill or join the local pool club. I’ve got a few tips on how to save and stay cool this summer.

”beatClose the curtains—This trick will help keep your house cool so you don’t need the air conditioning while you’re gone. If you have pets, like my beloved pooch Rascal, it will definitely keep the house cool for them too and they’ll be thankful.

Penn-Cinema-IMAXHit the movies—Movie theaters are always freezing! Do they ever turn the AC off? I know what you’re thinking, typically going to the movies is an expensive date. Ticket prices have skyrocketed through the years and it costs @ $23 for two tickets now. However, if you go during the afternoon which also happens to be the hottest hours of the day, tickets prices go down.  The new IMAX theatre on the Riverfront offers discounts for kids, seniors and for afternoon shows & AMC theaters offer discount tickets for students on Thursdays and senior citizens on Tuesdays, so make sure you ask if Grandma wants to come along!

Drink water—I’m not saying you should give up alcoholic beverages completely, but the more water you drink this summer, the cooler you’ll be. It’s also free if you’re out (at an air conditioned restaurant of course) and order it. So, maybe rotate…margarita, water, margarita…you get the idea.


Make your own air conditionerI haven’t personally tried this one, but apparently there’s no need for the pricy real thing! All you’ll need to make your own is a box fan, salt, a tray and a couple of water bottles. Add salt to the water bottles and put them in the freezer overnight. In the morning, take the water bottles out of the freezer, put them on a serving tray and place the box fan behind them. Turn it on and you’ll feel a real difference!

Sprinklers and such—It’s not just for kids, adults can make this work too. Hook Jumping-Through-Sprinkleryour hose up to the sprinkler and let it soak you. It’s cheaper than joining a pool, you’ll water your grass at the same time but just be sure you don’t forget the sunscreen. If you don’t have the cash for a pool membership, than a baby pool might be for you. You can save it from summer to summer and it doesn’t require a lot of water to cool you off; Just enough to dip you feet awtta to get the job done. If you don’t have a hose or anywhere to set up the pool, than consider having a water balloon fight. Invite your neighbors to join you, but just remember not to wear white…

Visit the library—There’s computers, books and air conditioning and best of all…it’s free! Typically a library membership will get you internet privileges (so don’t worry about not being able to read your favorite Happenings columns) and the book choices are endless. It’s also quiet, so if you’re a student it’s a great place to cool off while doing your homework. Don’t have a library nearby? Then consider spending time at a store like Barnes and Nobles. You’ll still be able to read there, but there’s no “quiet please” rule in effect, so getting that homework done might be out. Stay cool!