by Anonymous

using-coupon-on-a-dateIs it really acceptable to use a coupon on the first date?

Welcome 2013! It’s back to the grind, taking down holiday decorations and following through with our promised and much needed New Year’s resolutions, right? I have two that I’ve been practicing, live more simply with less material items and to get back to juicing and getting healthy. So far I’ve kept my promise on both, but it’s still early in the year 😉 I can’t wait to tell you about my date with a guy who would go out of his way to save a buck or two no matter how embarrassing it seemed. We will name this one “Cheap Pete”. Through a mutual friend we had met for dinner but it never into anything more. Are you ready for this one? Here’s why:

After a week of flirty and joking text messages, Cheap Pete had suggested to go to Perkins for dinner and to finally meet in person. Not my first choice, but I went along with it. He had picked it because he just received a 20% off coupon. How lovely.

Single in the suburbs When I arrived at the restaurant he was already seated with two waters on the table, obviously one was for me. He was cute and charming, but a bit aggressive in his approach to be in control. Like how he demanded to the waitress to have 2 lemons in his water instead of one and to bring out his salad WITH his meal. I just wanted to tell him to relax! He told me about his job, his dog and of course all the ways he saves money. I’m all about saving as I did start a retirement fund at the age of 21, but this guy took it to a whole new level. Like the one time he spent a day cutting coupons with a friend and got a shopping cart full of chocolate bars, cereal and Easy Mac for only $24. No joke. He wanted to see if he could actually pull through with it and he got his wish. He seemed quite proud of the fact that he saved so much money, but I wasn’t impressed. Was I supposed to be? Wouldn’t you be instantly reminded of the show “Extreme Couponing” and also, where the heck does one store all that in their home?! I thought only crazy people did the unthinkable task of dedicating waking hours to having a lifetime supply of Cheerios. Bravo Mr Cheap Pete but you’re going to have to perk up this atmosphere a bit and honestly sitting in a bar with a stiff drink instead of a Perkin’s water would be a good start. Maybe this was his way of courting a woman thinking it’s attractive or maybe he didn’t have a clue. I admire those who bargain, haggle, negotiate or go out of their way to shave off the unnecessary extra spending, but I could see this wasn’t going anywhere so I suggested a way to end the night, literally.

“I’d really like to head over to this new wine bar in town afterwards if you’d like. But only if you’re up for it.” I knew this was my ticket out. I had been to the wine bar before and fell in love with it, but I knew Mr. Cheap Pete wouldn’t fall in love with the fact that you had to spend money and no they don’t accept 20% off coupons.

He stared at me shortly, looked at his half eaten salad and said, “I think after this I may head home. It’s been a long day for me with work and I have to let the dog out. But you’re more than welcome to come drink wine at my place instead.”

Throwing in the old “I have to go to let the dog out” excuse and offering the “lets drink wine at my place” move. Not bad for a cheapskate. Not only did I give a little chuckle under my breath, but I was relieved when he declined my offer, so I politely declined his.

He excused himself to go to the bathroom, and I quickly texted my friend to meet me at the wine bar in 20.

I will forever remember the unforgettable “Cheap Pete”. He fought a good battle and may have come out on top when paying for his groceries at the super market but he didn’t win a second date with me. This one’s going in the vault. Until next time!