Whether you’re celebrating your wedding on the beautiful beaches of Rehoboth or in a formal ballroom in New Castle, incorporating family traditions or keepsakes makes the occasion more personal. You can hang onto these items for use later in life, or pass them down to the next generations to keep the family traditions alive:

  • The Veil. We all know – and perhaps fear – the tradition of wearing your mother’s wedding dress. Modern brides who want a more fashion-forward look on their wedding days can still incorporate a piece of their family history, though; not with the dress, but the veil. Many wedding veils stand the test of time, or can be updated easily by removing or adding accessories.
  • A Lace Handkerchief. Sentimental keepsakes like lace handkerchiefs can be carried by the bride by wrapping them around her bouquet. Later, the same hankie can be turned into a baby bonnet.
  • Pictures. Although weddings bring families together, they also remind us of those family members who are no longer with us. Offer remembrance to them by setting up a memorial table dressed with lace tablecloths, photos and candles, or by listing the names of the deceased in the wedding program.


No matter what traditions have been passed down through your family, it’s important that your wedding reflect you in every way – your style, your personality, and your vision. For help decorating for your wedding, visit Decorating with Lace.






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