5 DETAILS THE BEST WEDDING DJS OFFEREven if the punch is just perfect and the dinner is delightful, a poor DJ service can literally suck the excitement out of any wedding. A DJ is not just the guyor girl–you ask to play “The Hustle,” because it’s Grandma Josie’s favorite and she came all the way from Seattle. A DJ is a professional who ensures that the part of your wedding everyone is anticipating most after the ceremony–the reception–is one for the eternal memory books.

People put so much wholesome energy into planning their weddings: from making sure that the napkins are the perfect shade of cream, to asking dad if he would mind chipping in another $250 because each plate is $50 and you forgot to invite the Johnsons. We are so particular about this momentous day because we want it to be a memorable–unforgettable–celebration!

5 Details the Best Wedding DJs Offer brought to you by ICON DJs.


1. Event Planner System

Yep, this is the planner you can afford. An event planner system keeps your DJ in sync with how you want your wedding to flow. This system contains a detailed timeline for the DJ to follow. With an event planner system, you can request – in advance – dedications, special announcements, and any other special moments that you might want your DJ to fulfill.

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wedding-insurance2. Insurance

Every big commitment needs insurance – think of this as the DJ prenuptials. These days, most venues request that the DJ carry a policy. DJs have a lot of costly gear and it’s important that all attending parties — you, the venue, and the DJ — remain protected. Ask for it.

3. Pictures & Videos

The visuals. There are several key reasons why you would appreciate a DJ who offers pictures and video testimonials. Unless you’re willing to entrust a DJ without prior experience to do your wedding, a DJ’s whose website has pictures and video testimonials will allow you to see

  1. The types of customers he or she has had before
  2. The types of weddings he or she has worked
  3. The type of energy he or she brought to the wedding.

Essentially, pictures and video testimonials are the best way to see if a DJ is truly the best fit for your momentous occasion.

4. A ContractDJ_Event_contract

The terms and commitments go beyond you and your beloved. This is your blueprint to success – the circle of trust.  A contract is necessary to any business transaction. Codifying the service agreement between the DJ and you is a formal, more detailed way of ensuring that you have a receipt; a list of purchases that you can refer to at any point, for any reason. Also, the contract can be leveraged, to ensure all deliverables are indeed delivered.

5. Service Add-ons

Who doesn’t love to accessorize? The Photobooth is a big hit! Or maybe you prefer to uplight your walls and sconces around the ballroom to set an atmosphere or add a personal monogram to mark your day.  Service upgrades will give you the opportunity to add enhancements to your service, beyond just playing music. Many offer different sound and lighting systems, tents, and other accessories you may not have thought about. Some DJs are MCs themselves, or are affiliated with an MC. Furthermore, the DJ may be connected to a wedding photographer and officiant. Package deals make it easier, and potentially more affordable, to plan your wedding day. Bundle it.

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Your wedding will be one of the most memorable days of your life, and for that moment to be spectacular, everyone behind the scenes should be professional and experienced — including your DJ!

Icon DJs Lighting and Monogram

ICON DJsIcon Dj’s strives to be the #1 Entertainment Company which provides premium services, and impacts the community through special programs, education, and job training. Icon Dj’s are professional, experienced, and personable. We are insured and take pride in our service and quality of entertainment. We are located in Delaware but service clients locally, nationally, and intertnationally.  Playing music is only part of a Dj’s responsbility. Icon Dj’s provides premium services by facilitating your event, making announcements,  and creating the proper atmostphere. From traditional to contemporary, we will guide you through the planning process with our professional experience. We will pay attention to your specific details to keep your guests entertained, and make your day special. Learn more, visit www.icondjs.com

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