12 days of christmas - Delaware




One for me & each of my BFFs. It’s therapeutic! Get rid of aggression and frustraton with the Dammit Doll. Just grab its legs and slam it, grab it, dunk it, punch it, slap it – whatever is necessary – all while you say “Dammit!”.  All dolls are unique – no two dolls are alike. Check them out online at www.dammitdolls.com Welcome to the world of Dammit Dolls, where life  is rarely perfect. We’re just trying to make it fun…Dammit! You can also visit them on Facebook @Dammit Dolls or Twitter @DammitDolls, where you’ll enjoy daily reasons to say “Dammit” not that you need a reason but it sure is fun to simply connect with reasons to say “Dammit”. I’m sure you all can relate. Right? If not, well “Dammit!”


“Got someone a gift but realized they already have it? Dammit!”

“Keep on stepping on pine needles and having to clean them up? Dammit!”

“Wanted a parking spot but the street was filled. Found a spot that’s further away & the spot you originally wanted is now empty? Dammit!”


Dammit Dolls are Available at LOCAL Shops in North Delaware at:

Artisans Gifts & More – 2113 Concord Pike, Wilmington 302.651.9900

Christina’s – 4001 Concord Pike, Wilmington 302.478.7202{Unfortunately, we sold out of Dammit Dolls this week.  We have more arriving January 2nd. The Power of great Advertising… 😉 }

These are HOT items, please call beforehand to ensure they have a Dammit Doll for you or you’ll have another reason to say “Dammit!”