Courtesy of SHIFT in Trolley Square & presented by with extra special thanks to Ooh La La!.

Barbara Borntreger from Hartly Wins Ultimate Hair Makeover!

Drum roll please…Barbara was forwarded the contest post via Facebook. She doesn’t recall who sent it to her but knows it sparked her interest.  After some thought she said to herself “Why Not?”.  We asked all entrants to share their personal story by answering “Why do you need an Ultimate Hair Makeover?” Barbara’s response won our hearts and we hope yours too: ” I have lost just under 100 lbs since January 2011. Prior to that, I had my hair style that fit my rounder face. Now that I have a much thinner face, my hairstyle doesn’t fit my face. I am tired of being told that I look old and unhealthy because of the weight loss. I even tried to cut it shorter, didn’t help. Now it is growing out, still nothing is working for me.  I don’t want the weight loss to be a regret or a negative because people see “age” in my face. Hair can change a lot about that. I want, need and deserve a new and flattering style to match my new me. Please pick me….Thank you”

Barbara enjoyed an afternoon of pampering courtesy of SHIFT, a hair salon & Ooh La La, the make-up studio. We met with the entire makeover crew for a photo shoot. Barbara was smiling from ear to ear – new look, new attitude and plenty of bags of product & goodies to boot!

~ Barbara ~

The Ultimate Hair Makeover Winner

Barbara lives in Hartly, just west of Dover, and works as a Patient Advocate at Christiana Hospital in Newark. She is an amazing and very gracious lady. So proud of her children & grandchildren all four of them!

BEFORE - Barbara Borntreger(LEFT) - Shift Ultimate Makeover Winner


Barbara AFTER! Amazing!


SHIFT ~ a hair salon

Barbara was pampered by Teresa from SHIFT, a hair salon, located in Trolley Square. Her lovely locks received nothing short of the works –  color, cut, highlighting, shampoo, blow dry & style. Teresa from SHIFT said  “I just wanted to polish and enhance Barbara’s look. It was very nice to meet her! Barbara is a strong woman, loves her family, and is a go getter. She looks great and she deserved to feel great too!” Without a doubt, SHIFT accomplished that.

SHIFT specializes in hair design for individuals and bridal parties, including specialty styles for occasions such as prom, practice styles, bridal rehearsal, weddings – custom cut, color, highlighting and treatments. The salon also carries Shwarzkopf, American Crew and Cuccio hair care products. SHIFT is located in Trolley Square Suite 6B, 2nd floor above Walgreens in Wilmington. Visit SHIFT online at or on Facebook at @shiftahairsalonwilmington.



The Blow Out...


Barbara in motion...

Teresa adds the finishing touches...

~ Ooh La La! ~ The Make-Up Studio ~



Barbara also was primped by Tonia & Megan from Ooh La La!, a make-up studio, located in Trolley Square.

Ooh La La! specializes in makeup application for individuals and bridal parties, specialty makeup for professional photo shoots or proms, lashes, lip and chin waxing and eyebrow shaping. The studio also carries its own line of hypoallergenic, mineral-based makeup. Ooh La La! located at 1700 N. Scott Street, Suite #1, Wilmington. 302.622.9425




Tonia from Ooh La La! with Barbara


Barbara's Reflection of a Wonderful Day

Our favorite shots…




Many Thanks to all our contest participants!

Your entries were amazing — so much so we couldn’t resist picking an unplanned runner-up!

Congratulations also to Patty Dean

Patty was honored with a gift bag of hair products from SHIFT for her entry! Another amazing lady with an incredible story that we just couldn’t resist…Patty writes: I would love to have a makeover done!  I am a 45 y/o female, almost 46 tomorrow, April 7th {Happy Birthday}.  I have two beautiful chdren 18 and 21.  Up until 7 years ago, I was a single mom for 11 years.  I always put my children first and foremost.  I also put everyone elses’ needs before mine.  In December 2004, my dad suffered a stroke.  He was paralyzed on his left side.  It was myself and my two children who took care of him.  We brought him home in April 2005 from rehab.  They were a few tough months.  In September, 2005, the love of my life moved in with us.  He jumped right in and helped us with my dad.  Still everyone was first.  There was just no time for beauty or relaxation.  Everyday brought new challenges.  In March, 2009, my dad lost his fight and passed away at 87.  I would never change anything that has happened in my life.  But for a short amount of time, I would just like to feel beautiful for myself and my husband. Congratulations Patty! And Thank You for being a devoted Fan!